Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oh Happy Day...I'm A Fashionista

Today I went to TJ Maxx mainly to look for some stocking stuffers for my crew…while I was there I browsed around the body isles looking at all the pretty stuff they had, smelling all the hair care and body care. I lucked up with a few pretty nice finds.

The Balm EN ROOT Shampoo Curl My Curls for only $7.oo I saved $9.oo
The Balm EN ROOT Conditioner Condition My Curls $7.oo I saved $9.oo
APTHEKE: M Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil in Blackcurrent Fig 03; Coconut Jasmine 09; Mandarin Guava 06 each was only $5.oo I saved $8.oo each

I love shopping at my local TJ Maxx, there is nothing like finding a great deal. My favorite spots in this store are the clearance and of course the body & hair care isles. I find some really good deals in those places and always luck up really good on something. I found all the stocking stuffers I needed too, which were also some good deals. 

What kinds of things do you luck up on in TJ Maxx?
Au Revoir, Kristen

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