Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Joy of a Handmade Gift...

Ahhh, can you believe Christmas is in 4 days?! Nope, just cant believe it…here at our house what makes it seem so real are the 2 huge boxes my outlaws send each year to us from NC…it contains all the gifts for the kids and us of course…however, this year I was not prepared for what was in the box from Mamaw (Jims Grandmother)...

Last night when the boxes were brought inside once the kids had gone to bed, we opened them up and went through everything, getting out things that needed to be put in the fridge, or things that werent wrapped up...Near the bottom I came across these beautiful handmade stockings from Mamaw. My heart completely melted and I almost cried. The thing is, growing up I always wanted a handmade stocking, and since the kids were born I wanted them even more, each year hanging out stockings is great, they are beautiful my mom had them done for the kids and mine is the one from my childhood, however something was just missing from them. I believe it was the genuine love and care that was put into each one, knowing Mamaw picked each ones colors, size, and who it belonged to, just made it complete for me. My heart turned to a puddle. I am still having a hard time holding back tears when looking at them. I had to open them, I wanted them hung up for this years Christmas, so now they are now hanging up awaiting their Christmas Eve goodies for everyone. 

We cherish everything Mamaw makes for us, but these top the list of pure joys for me. I am so thankful to have married into such an amazing family that now I proudly call my family. My outlaws are two of the most amazing people I know, and our Grandparents on both sides are just wonderful. I am so happy to say that now as an adult I not only know the true meaning of Christmas but I get to celebrate that with an amazing family. There is nothing better than the gift of family for the holidays. 

I want to say a special Thank You to Mamaw for making these stockings, they are such a great gift and will be cherished for many more Christmas's. You completely melted my heart and I dont think any gift I get this year will top these stockings! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love and miss you greatly...Happy Holidays from your Jr Engelman Crew in CO. 

Happy Holidays, Kristen

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  1. The stockings are precious, what a perfect gift!


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