Friday, January 17, 2014

A Date Night Out: Tucano's Brazilian Grill Colorado Springs Location

When you go out to dinner with your spouse who decides where to go?
What options do you have to choose from?
Do you settle for the same old steak at the same old steakhouse, the same old burger basket at your local diner, or your same old Chinese takeout and a movie?

Well in our house, getting a outside of the house date is hard, mainly because we don’t know anyone who we will allow to babysit our 4 little people. Our typical date life consisted of your fast food and movie, or having a family date out. Nothing is wrong with either of those, but sometimes you just need more adventure in your life and a date out with your spouse just to talk without interruption and cooking with cleanup!

Now if you live in a small town where there’s really nothing new to try out I am sorry, I cannot help you there; However if you live in a city well use it for all its worth. Take advantage of all those neat places to eat at because you may just find something special.

This week started off as a typical week, you know me shuttling the kids to and from school, making lunches, naps, diapers, house cleaning, laundry, etc. You know the life of a stay at home wife and mother. On Tuesday night I sent Jim a text and asked him if he could sneak us home some fast food grub and then watch a movie…well…that didn’t happen.  When he got home super late I was halfway asleep on the sofa watching a old movie…I asked if he’d got my text, he replied no, well he looked at it when he went to the kitchen and came back out and said the ole so sweet words to my ear…LET ME TAKE YOU ON A DATE!

I am sure you can imagine my face, I looked at him with a little confusion, tried to rebuttal a sitter, and even work schedules…remember my husband is cheap hopelessly romantic when he wants to be.

Two whole days passed with many options of where to go on our date, I kept saying I would love to try something new, that you get your money’ s worth, and that you leave full. Did I mention I like to eat?!

Thursday night arrived, I had on my LBD with my black boots, makeup all done and even my hair did…I was anxiously awaiting my knight to walk through the door so we could run away and never return prep the sitter and have our night out to dinner.

He chose this nights dinner location and the winner was Tucano’s Brazilian Grill. It opened up in our area about year ago now, and literally has stayed busy since day one. I have walked/drove past this place many times smelling the aromas that linger in the air around it. I also heard it was a bit pricey so I never really brought it up to Jim other than that food smelled amazing. I was quite surprised he even chose it to begin with really.

Anyways, we arrived and walked those bitter cold steps to the beautiful entrance and amazing aromas of this restaurant. We gave our name to the waitress at the front, sat for about 15 minutes, then we were swept off to our table nestled conveniently near the bottomless buffet…Our waitress was so nice, and was well informed of the items on the menu. We both decided on Brazilian Lemonade, mine Strawberry his passion fruit with a shot of Malibu Rum {I tasted it and it was heavenly}We filled our plates with salads and cold stuff, turned our Cue over and the meat piled in. We got to try a few different options of steak, pork, brisket, chicken, turkey, grilled pineapples, grilled veggies, then of course I went back to the buffet and tried the hot side which consisted of soups, pasta, veggies, and breads. ALL AMAZING! I had no complaint about anything I tried. I even venture out of my anti-fish mode and tried crab and salmon. I was in so much shock of how the food was served, how educated the servers were, and how polite everyone was. The atmosphere was so nice, quiet, and fun all at the same time. Everything looked so modern and beautiful. We ended with dessert of Raspberry Cheesecake and Apple Pie, which I so kindly ate today, by the way it was amazing.

Overall I am impressed with this restaurant, I believe it beats out a lot of others around the area, however it is completely new to the majority of people. I don’t meet people every day who have ate Brazilian foot. I am so thankful I got to try it out and actually had a wonderful experience.  The price is WELL worth what you will get in the food, everything is amazing!

I am so happy my husband chose to take us there for dinner, he even ended the night with Starbucks, who can really complain with that? Not me…I came home full from dinner, my kids were all knocked out in bed, and the sitter even offered to come back again so we could have another date night. SCORE!

If you have a Tucano’s Brazilian Grill in your area, please give it a shot, its really worth a date night out with your spouse to enjoy some good conversation and amazing foods.

Tucano’s Brazilian Grill Locations: {Current as of 1.17.14}

Noblesville,IN {Opening February 2014}

Be willing to try some new food, have great conversations, and enjoy a wonderful date with your spouse or significant other! Currently they are getting ready for Valentines Day, so if this is a place you would like to try out, may be a good time to go and see whats up. Call before to confirm whats happening at your local location! 

What have you tried new at the restaurants lately?


{Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Tucano's, no pay was given to me in any form for this review, all thoughts and opinions herein are that of my own. I am just girl who loves dating her husband and trying new places in the city we live in!}

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