Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A New Weekly Feature: Educate & Inspire Young Ladies!

Hello lovely peeps! I want to talk to you about something I have been secretly working on to feature here on my blog. If you are new to my blog you most likely don’t know this but if have followed me a while you may. I was a teen mom. I had my first child at the age of 16 { 1 month before my 17th birthday }. I have had the feeling for some time now to start reaching out to girls, young ladies, young adults, and even mothers of girls and teen girls. I am going to be sharing my personal story in the near future, and once that is posted I will be doing posts weekly about teenage girl issues from s*x, abuse, peer pressure, teen pregnancy, depression, and how we are our own enemy. Within these posts you get a glimpse into my life, links to other sources, and in some way a shoulder to lean on because its always nice to know you are not alone. 

On my sidebar if scroll down a bit you will see a photo that looks like this:

If you would like to use this picture/button on your site you can as long as you link it to my blog. To get this picture/button right click and save to your computer. Do Not Edit it any way. 

I am going to offer anyone out there who struggled as a teenager with any battle {I didn’t mention everything} a FEATURE option on my blog. 

Heres How It Will Work:
  • Please e-mail me once you have typed up your story in preferably Microsoft Word and attach the post to the e-mail.
  • I will then read through this e-mail and post, then I will upload it to my blog.
  • I will NOT edit your post in any way, you will be named as the author, and a link to your blog site will be given if you have one or you can be linked to other social media if you wish. If you wish to be left anonymous that is fine too, in that case I will make the author anonymous and no link to you will be given.

My goal with this New Weekly Feature on my  blog is to reach out to women across the globe, whether they be single, or married, divorced, or traveling life with a teenager who is head strong or going through something they just feel alone in. I want young ladies to know they are not alone, others out there have been through these things that life throws at you, and YOU CAN OVERCOME IT…

If you are interested in being Featured please send me an e-mail with some info to get started by clicking the e-mail button in the upper right hand corner on my sidebar.


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