Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All About The Bases...{My Go-To Eyeshadow Bases

1. Maybelline Color Tattoo in shades Barely Branded 
2. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Shady Shores
3. L'Oreal Paris 24hr Infallible Eyeshadow in Endless Pearl
4. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette {use first 5 as a base and last one for a liner}
5. Boots No 7 Smoothing Eyeshadow in Nude
6. Almay Eyeshadow Softies in Champagne

If you are anything like me you wear an eyeshadow base anytime you wear makeup. Its much easier to build up some color if you are wearing a base, or at least for me it is. Above are my favorite bases, all drugstore except for #4. Lets discuss each one in a little depth.

#1 is metallic tan in color. You can use this as a base to pretty much any color however, I find it works best on the lid and crease area of the eye and when doing a more neutral look with browns/bronzes. Its not too dark but not too light. This one even works well as a stand alone color. 

#2 is yellow/light gold in color. When its on my skin it doesnt show up as that color, its just a little bit pigmented which allows me to use any color on top of it that I want to. If you are pale in color it may show up as the original color on your skin, and if you are darker in color it may pop with yellow.

#3 is a matte shade in the infallible line by L'Oreal. Its a beautiful light creamy color that works well as a base to any shade, and has no shimmer. You can even use this along your brow line to highlight.

#4 is a high end palette by Urban Decay. I feel this palette is well worth the money, when broken down you are only paying $4.50 a shade, much cheaper than most drugstore singles, and you get 5 colors you can use as a base and one you can use as a liner, you cannot beat that. 

#5 is a cream shadow by Boots No 7. I have used this stuff for over a year for my go to base. I love the feeling and the fact it dries well and quickly with no creasing. The shade does have a little shimmer but its not huge chunks of glitter and you wont even feel it on your eyelid. 

$6 is a eyeshadow softie by Almay. This shade is really pretty and works great for a base because its not hugely pigmented. It blends well with other colors, its not cakey, or even powdery. 

Now you know my go-to eyeshadow bases. I hope my little list was helpful in some way for someone out there. 

What is your go-to list of eyeshadow bases?
 Is there a product you wouldnt recommend as a base?  


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