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Dating Your Spouse: 10 Stay At Home Date Nights For Couples!

Today while I was relaxing and talking to a friend on facebook about date nights, it occurred to me that I haven’t really shared much about date nights on my blog or my views of it for married couples. I am not sure why I haven’t but I need and want to.

When you get married like the most of us your in a honeymoon phase, you are still sharing that bliss of premarriage and everything is just fancy; then later on life sets in, you add bills, you merge bank accounts, you rent or buy a home, and your bliss slowly fades away and is replaced by stress. The stress usually is shown in frustration or withdrawl from your spouse, you are short tempered, distance, or just down. That is not good for a marriage.

When I got married to Jim, we occasionally had a night where my parents or his would watch the kids for us to go on a date. That was so nice. We moved to Colorado and were faced with having to alter our date nights because we didn’t know anyone who we felt comfortable with watching our kids. After living here for now 4 years we have been blessed with a few sitters thanks to friends we have met along the way. Our plan now is a date night out once a month, we have small little dates at home in between.

Here is where I want to share about dating your spouse without leaving your house…Dating your spouse doesn’t have to be something where you get all fancied up and go out to a dinner and movie, or some concert; you can do it in the privacy of your home wearing pajamas if you so choose. Quiet honestly I prefer staying in for dates, I don’t have worry with a sitter, clean my house because I am too particular, or get all fancied up if I don’t feel like it after a long day. 

10 Stay At Home Dates For Couples:

1. Breakfast In Bed Date; If your spouse is a morning person, get up early and cook a nice breakfast or grab breakfast from someplace he/she will like and have a morning date over coffee in your bed. Talk about your plans for the day, weekend or something you want to do in the future.

2. Dinner & A Movie Date; Grab takeout and rent a movie for after the kids go to bed. This is my favorite date night, I love giving the kids something simple for dinner getting them to bed a little early and having the next 2-3 hours alone in the living room with my man over some Chinese food and a good movie.

3. Camping Date; All of us are kids at heart, we all love making tents and camping whatever way it may be. Make a tent like you used to when you were a kids, hang some Christmas lights on it and light a fire if you have one. Spend the night talking and sharing stories like you would camping. No tv, radio, or cleaning just fun time with your spouse.

4. Dinner & Dancing Date; make yourselves dinner of a meal you wouldn’t normally make like steaks or something fancy and turn on the tunes and dance afterwards.

5. Old Time Movie Date; ask your parents for some videos they made when you were kids, watch some movies you grew up with, and over your dinner watch them and share the memories with your spouse.

6. Game Date; no not sports. Grab some board games and snacks and play games together the old fashioned way. Who doesn’t love a never ending game of Monopoly, finding out how many kids you have in Life, or playing detective in Clue…

7. Double Dates; ask another couple to come over for a double date, have them bring a dish and you guys enjoy a dinner and good conversation with your friends. Keep it to one other couple though, your not having a party.

8. Book Club For 2 Date; Some of us are readers or are married to a reader; Find a book the two of you could enjoy and either read it aloud taking turns or listen to the audio version. After each chapter or two discuss the book pertaining to your life or what you are getting so far from the book. It’s like watching tv in the old days, all they had was radios. This could be fun if you like mystery or thriller types of books, kind of like playing a game.

9. Home Improvement Date; If you have a home that needs some improvements make a trip to your hardware store together and then on the weekend spend the day fixing it up together. I remember about 2 years ago my husband want a Study in our extra bedroom, a place for him to use. I had a blast helping him put it together from painting to thrift shopping for furniture, I found out our tastes aren’t that different and we laughed at some of the crazy things we saw along the way. We started and finished the project together.

10. Crib Date; this is obviously good for first time parents or parents who are expecting the opposite sex then their prior babies. Do you babies room together, shop for everything together, decorate together, and reveal it together. This is special because the two of you planned everything and took your time, you shared stories, laughed, and worked hard together for your little person.

Extra Just Because I thought of it: {aren't you lucky}

11. Pamper Date; give each other a massage, soak your toes, and chat about your day. This is something that is easy to unwind from a long day at work. 

The key here is to find something to do at home, together. It can be anything from cooking to cleaning but you must talk and laugh. Arguing is not fun on a date, so always make sure you talk about things that have a mutual interest. Dating your spouse after marriage is so so important, whether you stay home or go out; its just something that you will forever need. You always need to know your spouses personality, their likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams for the future, and goals. They always need your support and encouragement. Dating doesn’t have to cost a fortune, it’s just time spent with the other person doing something you both love to keep your love strong. Now go plan a date for your other half…

              What are some stay at home dates you and your other half enjoy?


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