Saturday, January 25, 2014

How Has Blogging Changed My Life Since That First Post?

How has blogging changed my life? Fantastic question. 

I started blogging in 2010 upon a huge life-changing move to Colorado, USA. I realized at that time I was walking into a new world 1500 miles away from my family. When we moved, my husband had a job so he was gone during the day, and when he arrived home in the evenings and on weekends we would venture around the city to explore new things and learn where places were. We lived in a hotel for about 2 months before settling in an apartment. When it got warmer outside near the end of April we would go and hang out at the pool and walk the kids to the park, that’s when we would meet our neighbors and talk to other parents around the area. It was oh so nice, I honestly miss apartment living now that we own our home.
Anyways, blogging became my world, considering I didn’t really have friends yet when we moved here, and didn’t work because I am a stay at home mom, on top of that it kept me busy when I had time on my hands. I could “meet” new people, read reviews of so many items from fashion to beauty to even recipes. I even chatted with other bloggers by leaving them comments. When someone would comment on my then blog I would comment back, it was so nice to chat with others around the world.

Today looking at how blogging changed my life, I realize it gave me a outlet to express myself, share my story, and stand up for things I believe in. I have learned so much from other bloggers on beauty products, fashion, DIY, cooking, traveling, and even gift ideas, on top of that some blogs I follow are Christian blogs for wives which I cherish dearly because they help my faith stay strong and I always leave those blogs feeling refreshed with new things to think about.

My blog itself has changed over the years, it went from a sole homeschooling/motherhood blog to a beauty and lifestyle blog that occasionally touches motherhood, Christian life, recipes, and marriage topics. My overall view of my blog has changed through the years too, now my main goal is helping ladies all over the world no matter their age realize they are beautiful inside and out, and don’t have to spend a fortune on products to do that. I also like for my readers to know I am REAL. I am not a fake person, what you see on my blog represents me and my thoughts, what I believe in, and where my life is going. I make mistakes too, I burn things in the oven, overdo the dish soap in the dishwasher, have a crazy toddler and 3 elementary aged little people running around getting into everything, and have a wonderful husband whom I love to date and eat take out with any chance I get, oh and a big ole dog named Molly who thinks she can still sit in my lap like she did upon us bringing her home. I am just like my readers, a normal person just trying to figure out this world and where I am in it…

Overall I believe blogging opened my eyes to many different people, many types of families, and tons of different places I would love to see one day. I found more of myself through blogging than anything else. I am so happy that I am part of such a wonderful community, and have such amazing followers that are my virtual friends, I wish I could just jump through this screen and hug each of you!  Thank you for following me and my site!

How has blogging changed your life since you sat down and wrote your first post?


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