Sunday, January 05, 2014

January Goals & Who I Want To Be...

January came in big for some of us, for some it was with parties full of family and friends, others it was big resolutions for the year, and for some it was literally a huge real life realization of what we want to accomplish for and within ourselves. I am have decided to do exactly what this quote says to start off my year: Oh, I've killed someone you see, I've killed the girl, who used to be me. I feel like with this New Year its time to do away with my old self. I am tired of hiding, being quiet, and being told who I am by a world who doesn't know who it is. I am halfway to 50, I have spent a fraction of my life doing everything and becoming everything for others, none of it was for myself. I want to start over, with a whole new outlook on the world and who I truly am.

With that stated, I want to share what I am making my goals for January. They may seem small or petty to some of you but to me they are huge, they are me coming out of my old routine and emerging into a new person.

First and foremost I want to embrace more of my wifely title. I have found that when I am truly happy as a wife it reflects outward to my spouse, kids, and others around me. I am so in love with my husband but yet it never really shows, I want to change that, I want him to know how much I love him and how thankful I was created by a wonderful God just for him. I have been following a blog for a long time called Unveiled Wife, Jennifer the author over there is an amazing strong Godly woman and I am so thankful to have her to guide me along when I am struggling or need some more insight into what God is telling me. I am tired of the world, tv, movies, radio, magazines, and even the internet telling me how to be a wife and what it means to be a wife, I want to seek my information from God and other Christian ladies wherever I may find them.

I am going to focus on taking more time for myself. As a wife and mother I spend a lot of time doing for my darlings and home. I do a lot for other people I know too. However, its the time to take care of myself. I will be making it my duty to wake on time in the mornings, stop hitting the snooze button, get ready including makeup and decent attire for the day, no PJ's are to be worn until bedtime. I will be trying new things with my hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Once a week I will make it a priority to sneak a bubble bath with no interruptions.

Health Wise I need to be down some pounds, like 50 to be honest with you. So on Wednesday I will be starting the gym. My gym has childcare for 2 hours a day, I can get my workout done once I drop off the older kids at school and then come home and do my daily household chores or whatnot. I will go M-F for an hour or two depending on how I feel, I have to take it slow because of my health problems with my blood pressure.

Along with working out, I want to start eating better, not so much pasta, burgers, pizza. I am going to actually deal with less flavor and more veggies instead of all those fast foods and easy to make meals. I will be searching recipes and really going over the sales at my local stores. Remember its NOT WHAT you eat, its HOW MUCH you decide to eat.

Last but not least, I want to find better ways to save money. I want to help my husband more with our finances whether it be calling our bill companies and talking about offers they may be able to give or finding a whole new company to go with. I also want to really think about things before I buy them, just because something is on sale or whatnot doesnt mean that is where I should spend that dollar or two.

Some small goals to some but huge ones for me. I am trying to make myself a better person and take care of my body, its the only one I have and I feel I am doing a disservice to myself and my husband if I dont take better care of myself.

Here are a few pins I pinned on Pinterest that I am going to be using through January to help me achieve my goals for the month:

I love her outfit here, her blog is amazing too. SOURCE:

Always a good trick when you are crunched for time. SOURCE:

I love the beachy hair here. I think it will be easy to pull off. 

Who doesnt love Miss Gabourey Sidibe?! This quote is so inspiring to me as a woman! SOURCE: Back On Pointe

Complete Guide to Money by Dave Ramsey

The Total Money Makeover Revised Classic Edition By Dave Ramsey

A nice bite to chew on this month I think, I plan to update at the end of the month on how things went and post the next months goals...

What are you goals for January?
Much Love & Many Blessings, Kristen

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