Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Just The Little Things...

How often do you just STOP & LOOK around? Do you ever really let life sink in and think "Wow, I have came so far"? Do you ever think about your plans and really come up with a game plan to reach them?

The past few days I have really just had to stop and look around. Upon doing that, I heard all the laughter of my darlings while they played, the humor of my 4 year old, the leader in my 8 year old; I seen the personality of my 2 year old, and watched the mind of my 6 year old while he played with Lego's. I saw the curiosity in our puppy, Molly, how she cocks her head in interest at the birds or her toys while you play with her. I watched my kids throw snow balls at each other and seen the snow balls burst as they made contact with whom they were thrown at. I watched the seriousness in my husbands face as he worked on his computer, the love he shared while hugging our darlings, and felt the safety in his arms as he held me at night. While having my coffee peering out the kitchen window I seen so much of God's beauty right in front of me, the animals are starting to come out more and more each day, I like to watch the squirrels run along the fence while they gather things for their nests. All of these little things I so often take for granted.

Like many of you reading this, I am human, I make mistakes, I have regrets from my past and I long so much for the future. I don't think enough of the present, the right now, the moments of every day. One of my favorite times is bath time for the kids, they play and I sit on the rug and just watch and listen to them. My 2 year old has found that if he puts the bottom of his duck on his belly and squeezes it makes a noise which he calls a "part" and laughs until he cant breathe. I love doing girly things with my daughter, she is our oldest and is growing up right before my eyes.

If I look back on my life, I have came so far. I have achieved more than most at my age. I have an amazing husband, beautiful darlings, and a wonderful group of family and friends. I am the daughter of an almighty King who despite my where I fall short loves me unconditionally.

Today I am challenging YOU to stop and look around, assess your life, and take some joy in the little things. You may find that you are missing something, something you take so much for granted can be right in front of you, longing for you to notice it. If your a mom, let things be, enjoy your kids and home, its ok if things dont get done right now, there will be time later to accomplish that ongoing list in your head...

Have you enjoyed the little things today?


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