Sunday, January 26, 2014

My First Little Guy Turns 7!

Today we celebrated the 7th birthday of our first son Andrew. It is so hard to believe that seven years ago tonight I was laying in a dark hospital room anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first son. I remember when he was born and they laid him on my chest, he was so tiny, and red. I remember holding him late into the night just admiring his little body, his jet black hair, and perfect little baby fingers. He weighed in at 6lbs 7.5oz; tiny compared to siblings.

The past seven years I have been so blessed to watch him grow and learn, from that first smile, word, step, and tantrum; even all the mischief he got into along the way. He is the most observant little boy I have ever met, completely content just building with legos or playing cars, drawing, or even reading a book on your lap. I love the fact he has such a humor bone in him, he can always make you smile and laugh, always playing pranks on someone.

This little baby with jet black hair and sea blue eyes has turned into a little boy with light brown hair and a smile to die for.

I was 19 when my little guy was born, I wasn’t prepared to have a little boy, they were so different to me from little girls. I had no idea what to expect, how to change a boys diaper, or even how little boys personalities are so different then little girls. I wasn’t prepared for how much this little boy would change me, would change my parenting, would capture my heart differently than my daughter, or how much love I would have for him. I am so happy that God chose to grant me this amazing, handsome, and smart little boy for the time here on Earth. I cannot imagine my life without him.

Today in celebration we took Andrew for breakfast at IHOP, he had what he calls a smiley face pancake and sausage. We all chatted and laughed over an amazing breakfast…Upon our arrival home we let him open his gifts which he was overly excited for. He then chose to go outside and blast his rocket off a million and one times with the rest of us. Jim had to work today so the rest of our afternoon was spent playing and watching movies. We got pizza for dinner and made “homemade” donuts for dessert. Overall Andrew had an amazing birthday, he is now another year older, another year of new things is coming in his growth and I am so happy to be part of it…

Thank you God for blessing me with such an awesome little boy!


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