Wednesday, January 01, 2014

My Goal For The Year: Unselfishness

My word for the year is Unselfishness. I think that its the most important thing I need to work on personally. Having the ability to help others rather than myself is something I haven’t really done in a long time.

This year instead of setting so many goals that I may or may not achieve I am going for something small yet achievable, and that is being more a selfless person, putting others before me, listening instead of speaking so much, sharing my thoughts in a kinder manner, and helping when I can without any expectation of something in return.

  • Leaving notes at restaurants for the server, personally thanking them for their service
  • Paying for someone else’s meal, groceries, gas, etc
  • Writing an anonymous letter to neighbors
  • Donating items I don’t need anymore
  • Volunteering someplace
  • Not judging a book by its cover, meaning not stereotyping people
  • Writing letters or cards just because and sending them to people I know
For My Husband:
  • Pack his breakfast/lunch for him
  • Write him a note just because
  • Text him or call him just because
  • Ask his opinion more
  • Take his feelings and beliefs into more consideration
  • Allow him to be his God given role in our home
  • Don’t cause unneeded conflict
  • Build him up more often
For My Kids:
  • Leave them little notes before I go to bed they can find in the mornings
  • Take more time one on one with them
  • Take into consideration their wants more often
  • Do things they want to do more often
  • Don’t harp so much
  • Allow them to be kids
  • Read more books with them instead of tv shows and movies
  • Play more board games
In today's world there arent many people who posses the quality of unselfishness, most people are all about Me Me Me, and I really dont want to be one of them. Its not going to be an easy task, I know, we live in a world full of sin, but we have a God who can show us the right directions, the right people to talk to, and open our hearts if we allow Him to do so. 

I came from the country, a place where everybody helped everybody, today living in a huge city, I dont think people take as much notice of others as they should. I want to in some way try and change that, and you know it does only start with one person, one word, one sentence, one second of your time, one dollar, one letter, one prayer. It just takes one, and it will spark a fire in another and another, before you know it you more people will be on board and thats what I want to do this year, try and make a change, even a small one. 

Much Love & Many Blessings, Kristen

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