Friday, January 03, 2014

New Year, New Name, New Outlook!

How do you like my new site name?    Enlightened Matriarch, has a ring to it don’t you think?!

I thought long and hard about this new name, I wanted something different, that stands out, that means something, and that was more me. So many options browsed around my head for months, I would say them aloud to myself and just keep going, nothing really hit me until today, Enlightened Matriarch popped into play.

I was looking up synonyms for learning and mother. I found Enlightened is a synonym for learning, while Matriarch is a synonym for mother. I put the two together and life was given to my new site thanks to blogger!

Enlightened means: having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook
Matriarch means: a woman who is the head of a family or tribe

Why this name?  Well honestly, as humans we are always learning, we learn more and more each day. I feel as a woman who is now married to one handsome man and a mother to four little darlings, I am learning new things every minute of the day. I wear many hats, they flip flop and then you have days where I wear a few hats at a time while multitasking around the house. It’s a hard job but someones gotta do it. On a more personal level, I am always learning, I love learning, reading, digging my hands into stuff, hence why my site was born in the first place, I needed a outlet to “meet” others with the same interests as me. As a Christian, I am always learning about God, and the path He has laid for me, my interests in Him are stronger today than yesterday and I am so happy for that.

What does my blog now hold for you as my readers?

This one was a bit more serious for me. I started my blog to reach other people, to see other moms and woman who are strong in their faith, homeschooling families, and to learn new recipes, etc. I have since ventured in many different ways and found new interests I have from 4 years ago. My blog like me has changed over the years and I expect will continue to blossom in the many years to come. I like blogging, I reading other blogs, I love writing, its actually one my favorite outlets. After much much thought and some serious soul searching I have narrowed down a bit of what I want to share with you guys in this brand new year!

What you will find on Enlightened Matriarch:

  • Motherhood at its finest: this means there will be posts about all my proudest moments and all my sad moments, with all those crazy moments in between. I want to share all the spilt milk, cheerios of the floor, feeding the dog, flushing non-toiletry moments with you right here, for your viewing pleasure. I am a REAL mom who lives a REAL life just like you. No matter where we come from we all love our babies and motherhood, I plan to share that with you right here! 
  • My Faith Journey: I am a Christian, a Princess thanks to a Heavenly King, full on BELIEVER in Him. I want to share that with you too. I have done posts many times in this but haven’t even touched what I truly believe and KNOW of my Heavenly Father. I want to share my journey, my thoughts, my healings, my needs, prayers, letters, etc with you; if you believe in God, then guess what we share that same Heavenly Father and I want to help you as your sister in Christ in any way I can via my blog. If you need prayer, or have questions, I want you to share them with me, I want to know your journey too!
  • Womanhood: This will hold all things from beauty products to fashions and accessories. However, I am typically a budget buyer, this will not hold all those shiny and pricey things you see at high end stores. I do own some things from them but I am all about sharing how to look and feel your best as a wife and mom, and guess what I stay home, we have a one income household, so no fancy stuff here.
  • Fitness: this will be mainly about my fitness journey, getting into shape so I can actually not be all winded from a trip up and down the stairs. Being a stay at home mom of 4 I let myself go and I am in the process of getting my body back. So, I will share my Fitness Journey; if you have tips/recipes/etc please share them with me in the comments with a link to your site so I can come visit you too.
  • Homeschooling: This will start back come July 2014; currently our darlings are in public school, but we are bringing them back home next year, I will be sharing our journey in homeschooling with you, if you want to see our past adventures search homeschooling in my search bar.
  • Recipes: I will be sharing one recipe each week with you guys and how my family liked it, along with where I found it.
  • Do It Yourself{DIY}: I LOVE DIY stuff, and I want to share all mine here with you, they won’t be here all the time, not even once a week, but maybe 2 a month will be here and summer is soon coming so I know I will be thrifting more then and will want to share my finds with you and what I do to them.
  • Thrifts/Shopping: This will be where I show you what I buy from place to place time to time…again this won’t be something that’s all the time but will be a nice treat for me and you alike.

Other Things You Will Find Here:
  • Prayer Requests
  • Date Nights
  • Photo Album Posts
  • Questions I May Have
  • Answers to Your Questions
  • Book Reviews
  • Beauty Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • General Life Posts
  • Shout Outs to Fellow Bloggers

What You Will NOT Find Here:
  • Marriage or Husband Rants: I don’t feel like in any way a wife should degrade her husband or share things that about her marriage that meant to be private. So, I will not be sharing anything that would degrade my husband or marriage.
  • Explicit, Vile, or Degrading Content: I will not share anything that is not appropriate for others to see, things that should be left to the imagination will be.

Now I have questions for you. What do you want to see here on Enlightened Matriarch? What do you think of what I posted above? Do you have questions for me?

Much Love & Many Blessings, Kristen

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