Monday, January 13, 2014

Rogue Hairs, We All Have Them...

Rogue hairs, they are one of the darkest secrets women. We all have them, but we as women keep them secret, we dont share this issue with anyone else, and we take care of them in the privacy of our bathrooms when nobody else is around to sneak up and see what we are doing in there...At some point in our lives we find a rogue hair, it usually starts as just one, sometimes it comes with puberty, then as we get older we start to notice we have  few more since our hormones are changing. They drive us nuts, literally, because we typically dont notice them till we are out in public and think we have a eyelash that fell and wont move off our skin, only to realize its a rogue hair that needs to be plucked, and then we realize we dont have tweezers so we have to hit the nearest drugstore to get some and take care of that mess

Today I am sharing how I handle those little rogue hairs, whether it be your eyebrows, mouth area, or chin area. There is a simple budget friendly way of handling the issue.

The most important tool you will need is tweezers. I have tons of tweezers, I keep them in my purse, vanity, bathroom, and even my car. When you have a rogue hair, tweezers are a must. 

As time goes on and you realize you have  few more rogue hairs, because once you have one you will start noticing you have other longer hairs on your body in odd spots that need to go, its time to up your game and get a Women's Facial Hair Trimmer, Wax Strips, and some good ole cooling Aloe Vera

I personally only use what is pictured above. Everything I have was purchased at my local Wal-Mart store minus my million and one pairs of tweezers...I am a mom of 4, we have a one income budget, and I dont have time to go to a salon each month to get a trim on my hair much less eyebrows and rogue hairs.

Thing is all the products above can be used to do your eyebrows, and other facial hair removal, not just those odd rogue hairs I am talking about. For instance over the weekend, I decide it was time to do my eyebrows, upon doing those I realized I had a really white rogue hair on my chin that was thicker than my other hair, odd, but it needed to go too. So, once I did my eyebrows with the wax strips and tweezers, I took the facial hair trimmer and went around my mouth, and chin area; no more odd hairs anywhere on my face. Everything pictured above cost me about $30 and that mainly depends on the trimmer you decide to go with because there are actually a lot to choose from. 

Sally Hansen Wax Strips can be used for what they are pictured for, the great thing about these is there is no mess at all, it comes with wax remover too. I just cut them down to size and do my eyebrows, and sometimes my chin and mouth area. They actually work great. I have these on hand at all times in my bathroom. For around $7 you can get quite a few uses out of these. Once I have done these I just go over anything that was missed with tweezers...

For those of you who have never used a facial hair trimmer before, its not like shaving, your hair doesnt grow back a different texture or color, not like a mans either, because that actually scared me for a while and then I had to just give it a try. Some women actually shave like a man, but I dont need to do that and not many women need to either. So, this little tool is really nice to have in the bathroom or on your vanity when you just need to get rid of some peach fuzz thats lingering. 

The Aloe is to use once your done, wash your face with your regular face wash and then let dry once thats done put some aloe on to take out the redness and ease the irritation to your skin. Within about 20 minutes the redness is gone and you can just go on about putting on your makeup or whatever, I tend to do all my grooming at night or weekends when I know I have nowhere to be. 

Things That Cause These Rogue Hairs: {I'm not a doctor, I am not diagnosing anyone, if you have a really bad issue with thicker hair in parts of your body please see your doctor for diagnosis}
  • Puberty
  • Hormone Issues
  • Medications
  • Gland Issues
  • Underlying Sickness/Disease/Disorders
For me personally, mine came with hormone changes. I have dealt with the issue and have found a budget friendly way of taking care of this issue. 

How do you handle rogue hairs that you get? Do you know what caused yours to happen?


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