Friday, January 31, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday & A Special Thanks To My Bloglovin' Followers!

Can you believe its FRIDAY? Me neither, the week has kind of flown right by me. Today I want to share a few things I am loving.

1. Snow- we have had a lot of snow this week, I believe 3 days of it. It is currently snowing as I am typing too.

2. Coffee- I am in love with coffee, there I said it. A few weeks ago my hubby got a new creamer by International Delight called Almond Joy…needless to say I am so in love, its perfect in this cold snowy weather.

3. Little Pick Me Ups- Today was grocery shopping day and upon my looking around I found some pretty little beauties that wanted a new home…Covergirl Sugar Coated Quad; Flower Cosmetics Secret Garden Quad; 4 Revlon Lip Butters in #010 Raspberry Pie, #045 Cotton Candy, #080 Strawberry Shortcake, #090 Sweet Tart

4. Magazines- I got a quite a few magazines in the mail this week, I need to do some catching up on these little gems. I plan to do that tonight once I get the little people to bed.

5. That Face- Oliver is 2, he is full of himself. I have loved his sense of humor this week since he has been feeling better. Completely rotten.

6. Netflix- They have added quite a few new things this week, currently my little people are watching The Croods, if you have not seen this movie its hilarious, I highly recommend it to the before pre-teen age group but its funny to adults too because we actually get the meaning of the movie. If you like action type movies then I highly suggest watching 2Guns, it has Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in it. I am not sure if it’s a instant or dvd only movie currently on there but either way its worth watching.

7. Earth Therapeutics Aloe Moisture Socks- I love these socks, I picked mine up at Ross some time ago and have worn them like crazy since its so cold here. My feet get so dry in the winter and these help them to stay nice.

8.  Samsung Galaxy Note 2- this is my cell phone. Its like a mini tablet, it does everything. I got this phone last year and have used it non-stop. Yesterday I didn’t have internet so my phone was how I checked all my usual stops.

9. Canon Power Shot A540 Camera- This is my old camera, my in-laws got us this camera when we lived in NC, I had it in the study desk and all it needed was some batteries. I got some rechargeable ones and have been using this camera all week. I am still figuring it out but so far I really like it.

10. Beauty Blogs- if you follow me via Bloglovin you will see I follow A LOT of blogs, the majority of those are beauty and fashion blogs. I have been loving reading up on all the new products coming out for 2014 and seeing some peeks of Spring.


I have finally hit 50+ followers via Bloglovin! WOOHOO...Thank you to everyone who started following me over there, it means so much to me. I am thinking of a giveaway to celebrate, so stay tuned next week for that reveal. 

What have you been loving today?

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