Friday, January 10, 2014

Trend Junkie With A Budget...


Trends…do you follow them?

I know for me trends are something that I may take note of but I am not big on following them. I like the beautiful colors of the new cosmetics and fashions items that come out but I am a total drugstore junkie and thrift shopper; I think the most expensive in my closet are literally $10 when it comes to clothing because I love clearance racks and as far as shoes it would be my cowboy boots from a few years back coming in a little over $100…When it comes to beauty products the most expensive things I own are my eyeshadow palletes from Sephora which are around $50 each, everything else is thrifted, clearances, or drugstore.
I was browsing online earlier today and got to thinking about how so many people are so into the new trends each season, I mean don’t get me wrong, they are fun to follow and fun to check out once they hit clearance racks, but this homegirl doesn’t have that kind of moolah to dish out each season.

Heres the thing about trends, they repeat themselves, every few years you will see a trend that someone rocked not that many years ago. In a magazine I got today in the mail one of the sections was discussing the Spring 2014 trends and the colors were pastels, if you remember back to 2012 that was the trend then too. If you read beauty magazines some contain a then and now section where a celebrity wore something in the day and someone rocked it today, only thing changed was the person wearing the trend and maybe the brand.

If you’re on a tight budget after the holidays but still want to be in on the trends that are coming out, here is what I suggest:

First & Always find your style, just because there are new trends hitting the scene doesn’t mean you have to jump for them, find you comfortable place when it comes to fashion. Fashion is just another mark of your personality.

Find some magazines or browse online for what is new, decide on a look or two and go out to your local thrift stores and consignment stores to see if you can recreate the looks for less. This is always a fun challenge, and you may find that you end up disliking the trend altogether once you see it on yourself because our bodies are all different.

Trends are not all about the clothing, it goes from head to toe, so if you have already got clothing that you love and are comfortable in maybe add in a new bag, shoes, jewelry, or hair accessories to still tie in the seasons new trends.

Hair & Makeup are as much trend setting as all the other things you will see, if you just want something simple to maybe step out of your comfort zone try a new hair style or some new makeup shades on the eyes and cheeks to start out.

Modesty, this is key. As women sometimes we set the wrong example for our fellow women, we wear things that we shouldn’t be wearing because its “trendy”; well heres the thing, you need to make sure you leave as much to the imagination as possible. Men want a respectable woman who is confident in herself, who carries herself well, and knows herself. If he is a true man he will respect you enough to want you covered up too. So many trends have barely enough fabric to cover the bum or “girls”…set a better example and respect yourself enough to cover up a bit more skin. I say this especially for moms, because we aren’t only setting examples for other women but our children too.

Lastly, remember not every trend out there works for every body. We are all created differently, from head to toes. What works and looks fantastic on your tall and lean friend may not look so fantastic on your short and average friend. This also goes with makeup too, I believe we don’t have to worry so much in the accessory department but when it comes to clothing and makeup I believe it’s to each her own. I know I really cannot do brights although I love them, I am more earthy and natural when it comes to my makeup and clothing. I like prints but nothing too busy…I cannot wear certain colors because they wash me out just like some do you.


I remember growing up my sister and I always hating going to get clothes, I mean any clothing period. We hated trying things on, the way brands made certain items, and as we got older our “girls” and backsides. We are shaped like the average woman, curvy in all the not so easy to dress places. We would get so frustrated because our bodies weren’t like our friends bodies, they could wear all those cute clothes in American Eagle and while we could wear them too it just wasn’t the same cuteness it had on them. When I became a mom, I let myself go, literally, and I am paying for it now buddy as I try to get myself collected back together. In the past year I have ventured more and more into the beauty world, and since my sister “found herself”  mid-high school she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Today neither of us care what others think of what we wear, we find items that fit our bodies like they should, if we lived closer we would live in the others closets. When we look for clothing we have a blast laughing at all the things we know we cant pull off and fall in love with the items we can. I still hate shopping for the “girls” but over the years its gotten much easier with better items out there.

Bottom Line When It Comes To Trends:

They are just that, a trend, something that will last for that season and then there will come another one. Be selective with the items you pick out and try to use them with items you already have. Don’t waste so much money trying to fit in, rather spend more time standing out and making memories with those around you. We all have our own styles, we are everyday people, we are only celebrities in our own home, and most of all we need to impress the world and people in it with whats on the inside rather than the outside!

What trends are you most into for the coming season? Are you trying any of them out there in real life?  


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