Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 Reasons I LOVE Thrift Shopping...

Thrifting, some people like it some dont, to others its a form of life, and some never have to step foot into a thrift store at all in their life. I am one who pretty much has to thrift shop in order to save money, thing is I really enjoy thrifting, and here is why...

1. To Save Money: this is obvious, most people who thrift shop have to, we arent all blessed with lots of moo-lah. I grew up in a home where my mom would go to Goodwill and sometimes a few other consignment shops almost every Saturday while my dad worked {car salesmen} she would find these great items that otherwise she couldnt afford whether it be for herself of one of us.
2. The Hunt: I love a good thrift store hunt, to me there is no other way of shopping. I love having an idea of what I am wanting and going to a thrift store and finding an item that does the trick, and to me who cares when it first came out?! If it looks good, has good quality, and life still in it, then I am wearing it. I cannot tell you how many pairs of jeans, sweaters, skirts, or shoes I have found at thrift stores that otherwise I would not own.

3. The Stories: Clothing tells a story just like most other items. I always wonder who wore those jeans or that skirt and what they did while they wore it...Sometimes its nice to look at those faux furs and try to envision those old ladies sitting at a table with all their costume jewelry on like in the Titanic, my mom and I always called her the moth lady. She looked so in her time but her outfit told a story.

Madame Biju

4. The Fun: Thrifting to me is a form of fun, it is relaxful to me, and helps me escape so to speak. I like being able to go with my daughter or my mom and just hang around and look through the racks while we joke and laugh at some of the items there. Its fun to try on something ridiculous just for a good laugh.

5. The Items I Find: I am always excited about what I find at thrift stores, like I mentioned above, there are a few things I own that had I not found at a thrift store I would not have otherwise. I am always grateful to that person who paid for, used it, and donated it so someone like me could buy it at a more decent price and use it, and then eventually I will redonate it to pass it along. I have found all sorts of things from housewares to clothing and accessories at thrift shops, I have even found things that I can DIY at some time and use for a better purpose than what it served before.

Overall, I feel like you can find some great items at more affordable prices if you just take the time to look around, whether it be at an actual thrift store or the clearance racks of your more high end stores. I am not too good to walk into a goodwill and stay for hours just browsing everything, nor am I too good to scope out the clearance racks at Target and pay $2.80 for a shirt or $5 for a pair of pants. My thing is as long as its under $10 its a good deal. I wont ever pay full price.

Do you like Thrifting? What are your favorite things to look for?


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