Friday, February 14, 2014

5 things for FRIDAY!

Its Friday, and a special one at that for many people out there considering its Valentine's Day. Here are my 5 things for Friday...

1. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone. I hope all of you have a safe and fun filled Valentine's Day no matter how your choosing to celebrate. 

2. Sorry about not posting this week! I have been battling a nasty stomach virus since Sunday night thanks to my oldest son who brought home a nasty bug with him...I have literally done everything rather simply this week. 

3. The Following has became a favorite of mine and the hubby's. I am always trying to find new shows that not only interest me but my hubby. I came across The Following via Netflix and we are hooked. Kevin Bacon is amazing in this series and I cannot wait to see more! 

4. Chinese Take-Out is by far my favorite kinda take-out! Last night Jim and I "celebrated" Valentine's Day, we dont really look at V-Day any differently than our other date nights in, we ordered some good grub from our favorite Chinese place, and watched the was a nice relaxed date night for us...I was really happy, even though I only ate maybe a third of what I normally would due to this stomach bug! 

5. Big things are happening for our family this weekend...I am not announcing it until its final, however I want to ask you guys to keep our family in prayers, it is greatly appreciated! 

Thanks for stopping by and I again I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! 


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