Friday, February 21, 2014

My Top 5 Favorite TV Shows!

Today I am going to give you a bit more insight on myself by sharing with you my Top 5 Current TV Shows! I figure if I share this with you, in sense you will feel like you know me a bit better, not to mention who doesn’t like to read posts when they are about the person behind the blog?! I love reading those types of posts, in sense I feel like it helps me to know the author. So lets get started.

5. Law & Order SVU: I have been in love with this series for years, I watch reruns like nobody’s business, and could tell you the plot the second a episode starts playing. I love the suspense of this series and learning about how the characters are.

4. The Following: I started watching this series on Netflix not that long ago with my hubby. The main character is Kevin Bacon and honestly I have never liked him until NOW. He is freaking awesome in this show. The sad thing is only one season is Netflix currently so I am interested in finishing it up and seeing what happens in season 2.

3. Love It or List It: This is a show about families who have outgrown their homes, they have a decorator come in and redo the home they currently own and a realtor who takes them around and shows them awesome new homes they can move into instead, at the end you find out if they decide to stay in their current home or move on to another; however my favorite part is seeing what the decorator does with the space in the house in the end.

2. Property Brothers: I love this show because the brothers work together to help families find a great home. They take people into reality so to speak by showing them awful homes that need renovations and how by buying it cheap and doing the renovation they will have the perfect home in the end. Its so neat to see how the home looks at the end and how they stayed in their budget.

1. Orange Is The New Black: Seriously should I even explain?! This show hands down is by far my favorite show. I love this show, its so funny yet suspenseful. My husband and I watched the entire first season in a week, we are so ready for season two which airs in March I believe. I cannot wait. If you have not seen this show, you are missing out on some laughs, its on Netflix.

Now you know a bit more about me, what are some shows you really like?


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  1. I love SVU! Repeats are on all the time in the UK so I watch the series in a higgledy piggledy fashion but I don't mind one bit.


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