Thursday, February 13, 2014

Revlon Highlighting Palettes: A Review

Left To Right: Peach Glow; Rose Glow; Bronze Glow

With Valentines Day finally upon us and Spring coming up rather soon {I hope}, I wanted to share these little drugstore gems with you today. What we have here are the Revlon Highlighting Palettes, there are 3 shades {as you see in the photo}, and they are very well priced at the drugstores coming in between $9-$12 each depending on where you are shopping.

Peach Glow: This is a peachy highlighter {obviously} it contains 5 shades that are in the yellow department {light brown, dark brown, 2  peachy pinks, and a yellow} that all work together to give you a really pretty peachy highlight. This one to me, doesn’t have as much in your face shimmer to it. I feel like this one would work amazingly on someone who has pale-fair skin.

Rose Glow: This one is definitely in the pink department. It has 5 beautiful shades of pink, and to me this one is in-between on the shimmer, just enough. I use this one the most, mainly because I use it to just add a little bit of pink to my cheeks, if you have pale-fair skin this would be amazing to use as a blush.

Bronze Glow: This one to me is more of a summer palette. I feel like it would look beautiful on ladies of color because they could use it as a blush, for me though I would just use this one in the summer as a nice bronzer. It has 5 shades, a white and then 4 shades of various browns; all beautiful colors.

Overall, I feel like these are a great drugstore pick. Given the 3 shades there is one for everyone. I like the price of these, and the fact that they are not overpowering in the shimmer department {by just looking at the photo above and them in person you would think its loaded with some shimmer, but its not.} I believe these are a great drugstore option to some higher end brands and well worth the try.

Have you tried any of these little highlighting palettes? What did you think?


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