Thursday, February 06, 2014

Routines, Motivation, & My Dream Job....

Routines, do you have one? I really don’t, not like most people. My day literally begins when my husband is leaving for work and is telling me to get up because he is leaving; then I tend to lay in the bed until around 7:45am getting cuddles from my little people. Upon that I get up do my normal morning stuff of brushing my teeth, making coffee, throwing together the kids lunches, cranking the car so we wont freeze the 2 minute trip up to school…

Upon arriving back home with the 2 smaller boys, we usually have breakfast and watch Disney, color, and play until naptime. I will do dishes and laundry if needed and the small cleaning around the house, shower and throw myself together which on more days than not consists of pjays and warm socks {well at least this past week due to the massive amount of snow}.

Once naptime is over I load the boys back up and go pick up the other kids, come home to homework, dinner, and the cleaning before Jim gets home. After dinner I clean up and plop with Jim on the sofa and watch tv or look over his shoulder while he is on the computer. We eventually crawl into bed and he goes to sleep while I play a game on my phone or browse pinterest because of my insomnia. I am much more of a night owl.

My lack of a routine comes from my lack of motivation. I literally get this honest. However it isn’t a born trait it’s a learned trait. My mom is not a people person, she is completely happy with her own company and I am JUST LIKE THAT. My mom is a complete night owl and I am JUST LIKE THAT. I literally have zero energy in the mornings, I get a huge spurt of energy around 6pm and it will last until about 2am when I force myself to go to sleep because I do have to get up. I am not sure what happened, but when I was in high school I could get up at 5:30am and not go to bed until around 1am and be completely fine, with energy and I felt good, took way better care of myself. Then I have kids and somewhere the motivation for myself left, the routines left, I became the mom who followed the baby’s schedule rather than taking that time to just incorporate a baby. Today I have 4 little people, I am pulled a million and one ways, along with being a wife. I feel  like I have no time for me. No time to just think and breathe peacefully.

I started thinking that come next Fall I will only have one child at home with me, my journey as a stay at home mom is ending and I starting to think about what I want to do come Fall because I will have more time on my hands. Time that needs to be filled with something, something I am not sure of just yet. I know once Oliver goes to school in about 3 years I want to go into cosmetology, but the meantime is what bothers me. I am not sure what to do that will fulfill my yearning to do something other than cleaning and cooking. 7 hours of my day I will only have 1 of my 4 little people at home.

A lot of moms work from home, and I would love to do that, I just have no idea where to start with that, one because there are so many scams out there and then because I have no experience in anything other than motherhood. I wouldn’t know the first thing about making a resume, or how to sell myself out there. I do know I have 3 years to learn though, its 3 years until all my kids are in school. Time passes quickly these days, and I am for sure it will be here before I know it.

I love helping people, the beauty and fashion industry, I love reading, and I absolutely love writing. I have thought about cosmetology for a long time but I have also thought about going into journalism, or maybe both. I want to do it all, like everyone else out there. I am almost 26, my birthday is in a month, come 3 years from now I will be around 29, I will still be young I think.

In my conclusion, I know I need the following things:
  • Routine
  • Self Motivation
  • A Realistic Short Term Goal
  • A Realistic Long Term Goal
  • Something to Achieve In The Meantime

My dream job would be to be a traveling journalist who has a background in cosmetology; I would travel the world and talk about the beauty of women from other cultures and learn how they get all dressed up and how they see beauty. I would also like to pamper women in other cultures because in most of them women run the home but I am sure they never get a massage like we do here, we can go the spa or have manis and pedis but they don’t, I am talking third world countries here. When I would be in the states I could work part time in cosmetology and part time in journalism. I have big dreams huh?! I know, I told you I want to do it all.

How do you motivate yourself, how do you keep a routine, and what is your dream job? Do you have any advice for me on what I could do in the meantime?


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