Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Snowy Nights & NY Style Pizza...

Oh my goodness you guys, its already 4 days into February! I cannot believe it, time passes by so quickly these days. Yesterday afternoon my laptop stopped working correctly so I have been catching up on things on the web using the computer in the study. Its rather cold in our basement so I tend to jump on really quick and run back upstairs, gotta love older homes, they just aren’t insulated too well.

We’ve had some heavy snow the past week, today we woke to more snow and it fluttered about all day long. Once I picked the kids up from school this afternoon I decided we were going to order pizza and just stay warm indoors and watch movies. Weather like this is just bittersweet, I love it but at the same time I am so ready for Spring and to have the warm weather again. Snow is pretty but it loses its effect on me rather quickly.

I have finally fell in love with an authentic pizza place in town called Borriello Brothers, its pizza at its finest. When we lived in NC there were some really good pizza places, my favorite was a place called Dantes but moving to CO we would always just grab Pizza Hut or Papa Johns, that is until my husband was introduced to some good ole fashioned pizza by a coworker. We ordered this pizza for Andrew’s birthday and there is no going back, I will use this place until we move. Its amazing. I decided to get a Philly Cheesesteak Pie, Pizza Bianca with roasted tomatoes and peppers, and then for the kids who eat nothing else Pepperoni Pie. All of which are to die for. Nothing like some thin crust pizza when its freezing outside and snowing.

I hope you guys are all staying warm and cozy indoors, I am off to get my little people baths and into bed. Then its going to be some much needed relaxation time for me.

What is your favorite winter takeout meal?


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