Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunday Sit Down: Kicking Some Bad Habits...

Its Sunday which means its time for a Sunday Sit Down! I have put some thought into what I want to share here today, I feel like it’s a good time to discuss kicking those bad habits we all have that impact our lives on a daily basis.  

I don’t know about you but I have a few bad habits I want to kick in the butt today, these things cause me more bad than good and well honestly I don’t like being bothered with them. They bring me down rather than lifting me up, cause me stress over happiness, and take my time rather than give it. Its time to replace those horrible habits with some good ones!

Replacing Coffee With Tea:
I have contemplated this one for a while. I love coffee, I love the smell, the taste, and the warmth; however, I don’t like the side effects I personally get from drinking coffee. I have started to have some stomach problems over the past 2 years and started really thinking about it, I realized when I was pregnant with our last baby I didn’t drink coffee, however once he was born and we got to a normal life I picked coffee back up and along came the stomach issues. So, I am replacing my well loved drink with tea instead. I plan to use the Stash Tea Company Tea, as I have heard rave reviews of this brand, I am so excited to get my own!

Replacing The Sofa With The Gym:
My wonderful husband has gotten us a gym membership and currently to date I have not gone. I keep giving myself excuses like its just not a good day, the boys naptime is too close, or the weather is just muck, but not anymore.  I am well ashamed of this and have plenty of guilt about it, but its high time I stop caring about being the fat girl at the gym and just GO, I will eventually be one of the fit girls and will have worked my butt off to become one! Its my goal to go 5 days a week…I also have some at home stuff I can do when my boys are napping!

Replacing Pajamas With Actual Clothing:
Lets face it, we all love our warm cozy pjays but there just comes a time when you need to look normal and like you care about yourself. I feel like if I actually take care of myself and put on normal clothing along with my makeup daily I will give myself a much needed self esteem boost.

Replacing The Scissors With Length:
Its that time where I typically want to cut my hair, I feel it creeping up on me like a monster in the dark. I cut my hair into a pixie back in October and now its at that funny point, however if I go cut it I lose the little bit of length I already have grown out and I just cannot face that. So, I am vowing to leave my hair alone and let it grow out, there are ways of making it look nice I just have to do them. You know put some effort into my hair.

Replacing My Cell Phone With Sleep:
I know I am not alone here, we all do this. We use the computer and then hit the bed and cant sleep so we tend to grab our cell phones and just keep on browsing the world of the internet. I will literally stay on my phone till 2 am when I force myself to go to bed. Thing is I really need the sleep these days, and so I am vowing that when I turn in for the night so does my cell phone.

Replacing Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts:
I am my worst enemy, so I am really putting in the effort to change my thinking. I will replace my negative thoughts with positive ones and lift myself up rather than tear myself down.

Now its your turn, what are you replacing in your life and why? Do you have any motivation for me?


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  1. Green tea is an excellent substitute for coffee, it can actually help you to burn fat as well. Good for you for making the gym a priority. It's not about what others think, it's about how you feel.

    How do you stay up until 2am on a phone and then get up with kiddos the next day? lol I found that my cell phone while handy when traveling, etc., really wasted a lot of my time. I almost felt anxious if I wasn't checking it periodically, and I didn't like that. I made the conscious choice three years ago to put the phone in one spot and leave it there. I answer it if need be (a doctor calling back, etc.) but do not allow it to interrupt my day otherwise. I have a set time each afternoon to check and return messages, but other than that, the phone is not touched. I have too many important people in my house that need my attention. :)


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