Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Mama's Many Uses for Baby Wipes...

Baby wipes, it’s an essential when you have children. I am sure most of you were like me and tested out a few to find that one brand that worked well for cleaning your little ones bum upon arrival. I tested every brand at my local stores when I had my first baby and after having 3 more babies over the years, I have came up with many different uses for this baby toiletry item. Not only are they for cleaning bums, but you can use them in so many other ways

©     Wiping hands after an outdoor adventure
©     Quick cleanup of counters
©     Quick cleanup of the bathroom
©     Dusting
©     Cleaning your keyboard
©     Wiping your cell phone from tiny handprints and grime
©     Wiping a small spill while cooking
©     Wiping faces of well almost anything
©     Makeup Removal
©     Wiping faucets and shower heads
©     Wiping store carts
©     Shining shoes
©     Stain removal from your carpet, or clothing
©     Dusting/Quick Cleaning the leather in your car or your leather furniture
©     Cleaning those DVD disks that are covered in handprints
©     If you get scented wipes you can use them for a femi-wipe

See, there are many other uses out there for baby wipe, they just aren’t for wiping your bum when you realize you are in a stall that has no toilet paper those cute little baby bums anymore.

What do you baby wipes for? Anything I haven’t listed?

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