Tuesday, March 04, 2014

A View Behind The Scenes!

The past week has been crazy with getting the shop ready for the big day of opening. We have done nothing but literally clean, build, move, and order things. Its been such a crazy mess but one that is so worth it. Our grand opening was yesterday March 3, 2014. It was amazing to finally say we are actually open for business. I wanted to let you guys in on some behind the scenes with pictures. Please remember our signs aren’t finished yet and I will not be mentioning anyone’s name here for their own privacy. 


Now that you have had a proper introduction to our business, I will say that things are coming along quite nicely. We are in the process of having the signs done, finishing on uniforms, and of course advertising like mad. I have been sick for a week now with some kind of sinus thing but I am still plucking along trying to be of some use to everyone; having my mom here has been a God send really, she has helped so much with house and kids so we could stay late and finish things. Its such a blessing. 

I will be sharing pictures periodically with you guys and posting updates so you guys can join in our fun from afar. However, if you would like to stay up to date with us and the business please check out via the places below:

Facebook: Quality Care Transmission & Auto

Business Website: qualitycaretransmission.com

If You Live in Colorado: 14o E Garden of the Gods Rd Colorado Springs CO 80907

Again thank you to everyone, we greatly appreciate all your prayers and help. 

Much Love & Many Blessings {Kristen}

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