Friday, March 21, 2014

Fashion Friday: Target Edition; Nothing Over $20

Welcome to the first Friday of Spring you guys! Today I wanted to share with you some amazing finds at Target that you could add to your wardrobe for this Spring, mix and match some new items with items you already own. Everything you see here is under $20, a complete bargain. 






I mentioned above everything here is under $20, so you wont hurt your wallet if you grab a few things to add to your wardrobe. Nothing is better than adding a new item to your collection for Spring. Please remember to visit your local Target Store to see if you can find anything on those clearance racks and isles, they are putting so many new things out and loading those wonderful clearance racks with items you can work into Spring! 

What items have you added to your wardrobe for Spring?
Any spring fashion staples you could share?


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