Saturday, March 29, 2014

If Only They Knew The Odd Things I Do...

I was thinking about the crazy things I do and started wondering if people would still want to know me if they only knew some of those things, and well today I going to come clean on a few…

* I love chocolate, just like the video says…I have a huge bag of Ghirardelli chocolate in the cabinet that I eat at say 2am, I will NOT be sharing, don’t even try.

* I stockpile flip flops, literally. I wear them all year round even when the snow is a foot deep.

* I sometimes don’t shower until 3pm because I have no desire to do that work.

* The clothes have wrinkles because well umm I hate folding so they hang in the laundry basket until someone starts complaining.

* The only people I like talking on the phone with is my husband, mom, and mother in law; everyone else gets ignored and texted back; you know call screening.

* If you only knew the last time I dusted, mopped, or cleaned the handprints of the windows; I am Suzy Homemakers evil stepsister Louise, I don’t live in the 50’s.

* I let the dog sweep, she does a fantastic job.

* I watch Law & Order SVU reruns like nobody’s business. 

* My boys have showered using the clear plastic liner for about a month because I hate putting back up the shower curtain.

* I snore like a freight train, sorry no slumber parties here. 

* I actually only watch man shows on tv, I cannot stand shows for women like Glee, American Idle, The Voice, Dancing with the Starts, or Pretty Little Liars...GASP...

* I would rather talk about beauty stuff and home stuff any day!

Ok enough tattling on myself, I know I am awful y’all…just being real with ya.

What are your little secrets? {trust me your secrets safe with me, and well my mom}
Happy Saturday Loves, Kristen

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