Friday, March 14, 2014

Mom & Me: The Magazine Isle with a 9 year old!

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Last Sunday night was the night before my mom left to go back to NC; it was a long night, we had spent the whole day out shooting, and spent the evening at dinner, the kids were a bit cranky by the time we got home. Once everyone had got to bed, my mom started packing. Not too long after my daughter came upstairs to my room in a wet, slobbery mess, just crying her little eyes out. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but my mom had been here for 19 days, not her usual long weekend trip. I decided to make Gaby feel better by taking her out to get some things for my moms flight back home.

We browsed all the isles of pretty things in Wal-Mart at say 10pm, it was so quiet in the store, not many people there, we laughed at many things, smelled many things, and found a few things we thought would make the flight easier. At the end of our little adventure we ended up at the back of the store on the magazine and book isle. I was trying to find a few magazines my mom could read that were new. I was looking at the top shelf and Gaby was beside me looking at her eye level of stuff, I seen her flipping magazines over, I thought she was fixing them from where other people had placed them in the wrong spot; uh no, she was literally standing there turning magazines over so she didn’t have to see the covers. {yes you read that right, she didn’t want to see the covers}As we were leaving that isle, I asked her why she didn’t want to see the covers, her reply was quite interesting for a 9yo girlhere is what she told me:

“I don’t want to see the covers of those magazines because they are gross, they have people without clothes on, boys in pink shirts, and some don’t say nice things. Do those places {companies} not know kids see those magazine covers too? I mean what about those kids small than me?”

Mind you we were on the magazine isle, its not all home and garden magazine. I was quite shocked that she made the comment to me about the magazines, mainly because I don’t really shield my kids from a lot. I mean I am picky about what they watch on tv, read, and who they are around. I have taught them how to make good choices in friends, and how to use manners, but the world is still the world, you will see things that aren’t appropriate all day long if you just sit on a bench and watch the world go by. In that moment however, I was quite proud of my girl, she chose to make a good decision for not only her but other children. I did explain that the world is the world, what some people may like some don’t, and the world is all about money, if they can sell it they will show it, and people will buy it. She still thinks it is gross, and I can say I will not be visiting the magazine isle with my daughter or any of my boys in the near future; I think that will be a trip for when I am alone.

How do you handle what your kids see on magazines? Have you ever had to explain the cover of a magazine to your child?

Have a Fantastic Friday, Kristen

Photo: Photo above is linked to original source; it is not mine, and I take no credit for it. However, please check out their site called: Sophie & Lili its a fantastic sight to look at even if you dont purchase anything.  

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