Monday, March 24, 2014

Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eye Liner by Rimmel London {A Review}

You know those days where you’re just browsing the pretty isles of a store in the beauty section and you come across a interesting product that is a good price? Well that happened to me not long ago; I stumbled upon the NEW rimmel london scandaleyes Thick & Thin Liner Duo in Black at my local Wal-Mart, I picked it up and thought why not try this out.


Here are my thoughts on this product:
Cost-you can’t beat a $4 liner. The black is quite bold and dark like a good black is supposed to be.
Packaging- sleek and modern, while keeping with the brands look of monochrome

While the cost and packaging win you over, the product itself doesn’t really work like I thought it would. When you try to apply the liner it skips, unlike my all time favorite L’Oreal Super Slim Liner. The tip of this Rimmel liner reminds me a highlighter or permanent marker tip. The liner does last once you get it on and fix the rough edges though.


I really can see where Rimmel was going when making this product, it’s a great idea but then again some things should be left as just that, an idea. I feel like they maybe should have made a double end liner instead, a thick at one end a thin at the other. If you like thick eyeliner however this product is great for that, but as far a thin line it just doesn’t do as well.

Have you tried this product out? What are your thoughts?


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