Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Storm Inside By Sheila Walsh {A BookLook Review}

Storms, we all have them, however women are more prone to them in my opinion because we worry more than men do about the little things in life; from what to wear today to the health issues we may face, to things of the past and things we don’t even know yet of the future. I am no exception.

Like many of you my day to day life sometimes hour to hour life holds strong winds and torrential down pours of rain, it comes crashing down with the thunder and lightning. I have read a few of Shelia’s books, and this one like the others holds true to her beliefs. The book is like a stepping stone from current to future in a sense, where Shelia guides you along with her words and biblical guidance on how to get from point A to point B.

Looking Inside the Storm:
From heartbreak to strength
from disappointment to hope
from un-forgiveness to freedom
from rage to restoration
from fear to joy
from shame to love
from regret to rest
from insecurity to confidence
from insignificance to courage
from despair to faith

I love how the whole book is about letting go of the “self storm” and entering into “God’s Rainbow”we let the world decide who we are, we let the world enter our minds and we then mentally decide who we are; however at the end of the worldly storm we are in there is always a beautiful rainbow, handmade by God of who we truly are. We need to remember we are made in His image, not the worlds, and let go of what the world thinks we are and enter into what God knows we are.

Sheila Walsh is an amazing Godly woman; I am so happy she followed Gods plan of writing to help others out there along their path in life. I highly suggest this book to anyone out there, from teens to adulthood this book will help you along in life.

{Disclaimer: I received this book for free from BookLook in exchange for a honest review on my blog. All thoughts and opinions herein are that of my own.}

If you are interested in a copy of this book, please go HERE to purchase one. 

Happy Reading, Kristen

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