Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekly Recap: Target Finds & Good Reads!

Saturdays’ there really isn’t a day like them, the end of the week regroup, full of fun and relaxation. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorites from this week. I found a few new finds while I was out and about looking at Target, and then the library.

I found this dress at Target for just under $7 on the clearance rack. This one was the only one they had, I fell in love with the sweatshirt feel but fitted look. I love the zipper accent on the shoulder and the navy blue is just perfect for year round wear. If your interested in this dress you can find one HERE however, online its not on clearance so I would try to find a store near you and check out the clearance racks!

Of course I don’t leave Target without looking in the beauty section. I browsed the isles and everything is really scarce because my store is one of the 700+ that are getting a total rehaul for Spring 2014 {you can read about that HERE}I found a few items by L’Oreal Paris that were on clearance for under $3, so I picked a few up. The shade above is What Happens In Vegas and its my favorite because it screams Spring/Summer to me. I have been using the top 3 all week long, using the white as a base and then the orange and gold in my crease, turns out beautifully for a natural look. My husband even noticed it and kept telling me I looked so beautiful, now you cant really go wrong there.

Lastly, I found this book at the library while looking with the boys for some new things. Its called: Love Your Life: O’s Handbook for your best todayand tomorrow! I will admit that I am a huge fan of Oprah, not many people know that, but she worked really hard to where she is now and her story is just amazing to me. I have read and flipped through another book that shared her life and it was great too, so this one was a great pick up for me because its stories from contributors not just her. I In total there are 106 articles, all of which will inspire you in your life. I really would love to find a copy of my own in the near future. You can find this book HERE...

Overall my week was really good. Its been nice getting back into a groove now that my mom’s visit has ended. The house is back to some normalcy, Jim’s been busy at work, and I have been crazy cleaning the house and going through things trying to prepare for Spring. I am so ready to end the winter and get back into the long nights, smell of the grill, and hanging on the front porch into the wee hours with my love. I hope you guys had a great week, enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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