Thursday, April 17, 2014

5 Things I am Dying To Try Before Spring Is Over!

 Ever get into some trends and think “Man, I really want to try that” ?...I have been all over Pinterest just looking at all the new fun things to try in the hair and beauty department; and I actually narrowed it down to a reasonable idea of a few things I would love to try before this season is up. Here is what I found…


When Spring hits my skin does a crazy change, it becomes a bit more dry, needs some exfoliation, and well I dont feel like grabbing a product from a store because I would rather spend my money elsewhere; not to mention there are so many good DIY face masks that use items in your baking cabinet out there, why not give it a try?! This one is simple and I am so ready to give it a try.

The first two photos are of hairstyles I would love to try on my short hair. When trying to grow it out its always nice to do something either up or curled so it doesn't look so odd. The third photo is a fresh makeup look to me, I would love to recreate it using lightweight products that I have on hand. 


Lastly, I would love to get back into my head scarves; I have some that I have picked up over the past year and I am so ready to get back into wearing them this Spring/Summer. They are an easy go to style for all hair types in my opinion, you can wear them in many ways. 

What are you looking forward to trying before this Spring is over?

Stay Fresh, Kristen

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