Friday, April 04, 2014

Friday Night Humor...

OH MY GAHHH, its finally FRIDAY {well, Friday Night}…I am more than excited for the weekend already, aren’t y’all?

Today was killer, I literally spent my day grocery shopping, chasing the kids, and now they are in bed which means I can breathe for a moment without stabbing my eyes out. Anyways, since I can see and all, I wanted to share a few of my favorite comments from none other than my little people. Let’s get crackin’!

Preface: In car stopped at a light by a gas station, we get this question from our daughter…

Gaby- Why does the gas station sell Grizzly bears and Camels?

Yep, she actually thinks that the Conoco sells real live animals to us consumers; We didn’t even answer this poor child because we were too busy laughing.

Preface: In the store, Andrew and Isaiah are talking to each other while I grab a few things…

Isaiah- Mommy, you is pretty
Me- Awe thank you Isaiah that is so nice of you to say
Andrew- Why are you telling Mom she is pretty, again? {looking at me with that odd look you get from kids who have outgrown their mom a bit}
Isaiah- because Andrew it makes her heart happy

HA, yep my heart skipped a few beats doing a few dances…I love my boys.

Preface: Sitting in waiting room, talking to Isaiah, Oliver is looking at a child in front of us on the next row. If you know Oliver, this child always laughs when saying EWW, without fail, he just laughs at you…

Kid in front row- BURPS a huge man burp {he is only like 3} then smiles
Oliver- EWW, no laugh, just EWW…blank stare at this poor child in front of him

It was great seeing the look on his face; I think he even rolled his eyes at that kid, he was in a mood.

Yep, this is an actual glimpse into my life,….I know I have the best kids in the world, and they share all these funny stories, and do the craziest things…I really would like some wine after this week though…

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a Guest Post!

Happy Friday, Kristen {insert Friday Night Dance moves}

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