Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Hump Day Confessions #3...Smoking, Motorcycles, & Dirt!

Happy Hump Day Y’all…How does it feel being halfway through another week already? Honestly I wish the weeks would slow down a bit and let me catch up on a few things…anyhoo, since its hump day you know I am linking up with Vodka & Soda for some Hump Day Confessions, lets get started shall we?!

1. I am so LOVING this whole Spring weather thing, but not loving all the dirt that comes along with it into my house…I cannot even count the times I have to sweep the floors in one day.

2. I ate 3 hotdogs for dinner Monday night, and didn’t regret a single one. They were just amazing.

3. I oversleep and rush out the door more times than not during the week, sigh, I have got to get a hold of this, but then again it is only 7 weeks until summer break…so let me think on this one.

4. Facebook annoys the PISS out of me; I literally look at maybe a handful of peoples info but other than that why I am I friends with almost a hundred people? There are even people who went to school with me that I don’t even know on there wanting to be friends, I say lets catch up at high school reunion. Maybe they will create a site that only allows you to message people and share pics, that would get my attention more than people saying they are going to bed, or sharing their entire day with people, ok vent over.

5. Kids & Cell Phones; this one is a bit tricky, but why does a 8 year old need a cell phone? Where they goin? Who they with? {Reminds me of a few youtube videos}…but really, who are they needing to call right after school? I know they have a big day but in all reality its not that big. They cant meet up for coffee, a movie, or dinner so why?! Just sayin, my kid will get a flip phone in 9th grade, I want to be old fashioned here; honestly its more for my amusement, I wont lie.

6. Why does smoking make men look so bad*ss? I mean really? I don’t know about you but way back when Jim & I met, he smoked, {he has moved to hookah} it always looked so sexy the way he did it too, not all girly like but like a real bad*ss. Let’s not discuss uniforms…and I don’t mean jail issue.

7. I am not in any way a church person. I know my beliefs, where I stand, and well I like to sleep in on Sundays.

8. Motorcycles + tall, dark, & handsome = nuff said; SADLY most of the time its more like this picture below...

9. I have a neutral opinion on tanning beds, they cause 170k cases of skin cancer a year but well I really want a tan and have no desire to lay in the backyard. I’d rather go to a place and tan free bird really.

10. I am really happy with our choice to no longer home school our kids; it was the BEST choice for all of us, and next year 3 of 4 will be at school…just bittersweet; ok I am lying, I am still trying to figure out how to handle my 5yo going to kindergarten, he is my sidekick, and well I am not ready to celebrate summer yet because I know it will pass to quickly for me...sigh

11. And lastly, one does NOT simply choose between Nelly & Florida Georgia Line when it comes to music...I am a true born and bred southern girl and I stick close to my roots on music...

I mean really how can you just choose between them? Its not possible, just not. 

Ahh, enough confessions from me, be sure to check out Vodka& Soda for more Hump Day Confessions via other bloggers across the globe. Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

Happy Hump Day, Kristen


  1. i love that cruise remix!

  2. Giiirrrll YES to so many of these things. Facebook needs to STOP suggesting that I be friends with people I knew back in high school. If I'm not friends with them already, chances are...there's a reason for that!!! And about the whole tanning bed thing, I think it's just me being extremely paranoid about cleanliness and me just never going before. I would definitely like to tan this bod up before my wedding so I think I might have to cave!

  3. I'm tanning next week in prep for a trip to Florida. Bad, but so needed!

  4. Yes, yes, yes. I love a hot man smoking...I know weird right? Im a smoker to, so when I see a man doing it and looking good, ummm. I too love that cruise remix. I now live in GA from NY and that song gets me everytime!

  5. I've had skin cancer from tanning beds. It sucks. I moved to a house on a hill, NO ONE can see my backyard so I can totally lay out naked.


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