Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hump Day Confessions #4: Sleep, Budgets, & Nasty People

Whoop Whoop Happy Hump Day Y’all…I hope it’s an awesome one for you. As usual I am linking up with Vodka & Soda for some Hump Day confessions, be sure to check out her blog and read the other confessions too (:

#1 I NEED Sleep, I am longing for sleep...not just a nap either, I mean the drool and snoring kind. I have been blessed with the night owl syndrome where mornings are rough but nights are like a party for my body, I get way more done and honestly I am usually in a way better mood, or well that whole mood thing could be my lack of sleep. 

#2 My theory is More is Less; I know its Spring and getting all warm but seriously can we put some clothes on, more is really less here, which leads me to my next picture...

#3 YA NASTY; I will admit that I judge people by clothing, if I can see too much hun ya nasty, if you look like your from the trailer park club then I may not speak to you, sorry but first impressions mean a lot and every day your making a first impression to someone. 

#4 I admit I dont make wish lists anymore; I just dont. I feel like our likes and dislikes constantly change and by the time I have the money for what I want too many people have it so I move on most of the time. 

#5 Speaking of money, I hate budgets, I am horrible with money. It burns holes in my jeans before it even gets in my bank account. I am bad at spending the money before I actually have it. What can I say, I am woman!

#6 Yea I admit I love Olivia, and the team. I have been zoned into this dang show more often than not because DANG Netflix is taking too long on....{see below}

#7 My FAVORITE SHOW EVER; Orange Is The New Black, come'on season 2 already! I miss the inmates too much. 

#8 I LOVE being a stay at home mom...y'all can keep those fancy things that life brings with a paycheck, and well the stress and deadlines too. I like having pajama day, food fights, hot wheel races, and snuggly naps with my little people. It is definitely not what I thought it would be like but its an adventure for sure. 

#9 I am blaming Target for my budget issues, it gets me every single time. I wish I could live in this store. I may have to if I keep going to know pushing myself along to make a better choice...we'll see.

#10 Honestly I just thought this one was funny, I have nothing really for it but to say its TRUE...

Happy Hump Day Y'all...

Stay Fresh, Kristen

Dont forget to stop by Vodka & Soda to read what others are confessing today. 


  1. Hey Kristen!! Omg hilarious! I kind of judge people too on first impressions or by what their wearing. And by kind of I mean a lot , lol! I cant help it. #sorrynotsorry! haha and I love the last couple of photo's! Target is seriously hypnotizing and I will leave with a ton of Target goodness and broke of course. Ugghh so powerless, lol! ;)


  2. I'm SO excited for Season Two of Orange is the New Black. Did you read the book? Totally different but might hold you over!


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