Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hump Day Confessions #5: No Makeup, Pedi's, & Coffee

It’s Wednesday, you know what time it is…it’s time for some Hump Day Confessions! As usual I am linking up with Kathy, so be sure to hop over to her blog and read the other entries for some good laughs; let’s get started.

I confess that I have not worn makeup in 6 days {gasp}…yep, 6 days. My oldest son came to my room this past Friday morning along with his other people and upon me waking up to the ruckus my seven year old boy told me the following “Mom, you should not sleep in your makeup”…I replied “yea yea, I know”…But hey, I was tired Thursday night and to be honest was sick so there, I have a somewhat valid excuse.

I confess that I have 5 body washes in the shower just for myself; you know just keeping my options open to those mood changes. A girl has to have some options when in the shower, sometimes the smell just isn’t working and you need a change, plus I HATE bar soap!

I confess that I am addicted to coffee; I love my coffee honestly anytime during the day but I must have it in the morning to live. I found these Girl Scout Creamers last week and yea, I have been won over. Coffee truly holds its own spot in my heart.

I confess I LOVE cosmetics; I am completely in love with the shiny packages, new shades, new whatever…just get into my basket and I will take you home. If you’re a beauty lover you will understand my deep love for my makeup. If it’s an eyeshadow, blush, or lip product I will totally love to add it to my collection. Good thing I don’t shop Sephora but once a year.

I confess I am a complete Girly Girl: if is shiny, smells of bath and body works, or adds something nice to my wardrobe you can beat I love it. I love trying clothes on, smelling all the items in Bath & Body Works, and I can stay in Target forever in the beauty and jewelry sections; not to mention I love candles, and all things floral.

I confess I really am a Guy Movie Watcher. I am just more of an action or true based story movie; I could care less about a comedy, romantic, or horror movie any day. I just watch that movie Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters on Netflix and LOVED it; you know who doesn’t like a movie with Jeremy Renner, not me I am all in. He reminds me of my husband honestly.

I confess I hate talking on the phone; If you text me that’s so much better and hey there’s e-mail…I’m just not a phone talker…on top of that I will totally screen calls, unless you’re my mom, husband, or mother in law chances are you won’t get through.

I confess I really do like walking for exercise or even hiking; I dislike the gym and could go without seeing the gym rats…I like the great outdoors so much better.

I confess that if I run out of conditioner I will toss the shampoo; go ahead and judge me; sorry I just cannot finish a shampoo without a conditioner. It’s like eating peanut butter without jelly or a burger without fries, just cannot do it.

Speaking of hair products, I confess that I will not use a shampoo or conditioner that does not match. If it’s not the same brand and all I will not use it. They must match…I got this from my mom, she is the same way!

I confess my current favorite snack is the Snyder’s Hershey’s white chocolate covered pretzels. I think its heaven in a bag…I eat about 3 at a time because of the chocolate but man they are so good.

I confess that my husband ROCKS now that he owns his own business. I don’t know really how to explain this one but he is so stress free, happier, and more into our family now that he makes the rules; not to mention that it makes you feel a bit higher up in the world too knowing you OWN a business you don’t work for someone anymore, you make the rules. I am just so thrilled about this step in our lives.

I confess I really need a pedicure with a huge pumice. I know gross right, but hey winter feet in Colorado really suck. I wear flip flops all the time and have decided my feet just have major frost bite going on {I can joke right} I really do need get in the mix and give myself a nice pedicure though.

Ok enough of my confessions for the day; I feel like I have shared a bit more about myself and you know me better. Please remember to jump over to Kathy’s blog and read the other confessions today. Happy Hump Day Y’all!

Stay Fresh, Kristen


  1. That bath side looks like mine. I have allllll the bottles. I don't like phone calls either. Ugh. x x

  2. i hate rom coms or any sappy movie - give me die hard or pacific rim or anything with robots, car chases, guns and bombs any day!!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Hey Kristen!! Oh gosh I am a complete beauty junky! I love love love it!! Its all new and stuff, lol! It makes my day haha!! Love adding new stuff tot he colection! :D XOXO



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