Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hump Day Confessions #6: Bribes, Judgement, & Urine-iss

Happy Wednesday Y’all! I hope your morning is going smoothly, and since its Wednesday you know I will be linking up with the totally awesome Kathy from Vodka & Soda for some Hump Day Confessions; let’s get going

# 1 I am totally loving this whole link-up; I wasn’t sure if I would love it this much in the beginning but I am in awe at the people I have “met” through this link-up, so many great blogs and new stories to read in my queue. Thanks Kathy for doing the link-up, your awesome!

# 2 I went to Whole Foods on Monday and was walking the isles for about an hour and a half; yep, I was in awe at the interesting food options they sell, plus it’s not my normal stop so I had to find stuff.

# 3 I bought a ton of Easter candy when it went on sale the day after Easter; I keep it stocked for bribing of my little people, you know when I don’t want to do dishes or something, comes in handy.

# 4 I watched The Pirate Fairy with my kids last week and LOVED it just as much as my daughter did; I love Disney movies and this one had Tinkerbell in it so I couldn’t pass it up.

# 5 I have an issue with people who constantly judge people who need/have government assistance; there I said it, I feel like there are so many people pointing fingers at the people who use this assistance for food/medical purposes these days. I think that since we don’t personally know everyone’s situation we have no right to judge them. I will admit right now there have been points in my life where I have used these services, had I not I would have had a lot of debt or my kids would not have been able to eat; I have never “looked” like I needed the assistance but my situation said otherwise. I am glad the system is there to help others when they need it. It’s a strict system that if you have never had it will not understand. Bottom line stop complaining about people who use these services, you may need them at some point in your life and you don’t want people judging you. (Please understand this confession is not open for a huge debate, it’s just my opinion)

# 6 I use my dishwasher to clean things other than dishes; do you know how many items you can toss in the dishwasher that are not dishes?! From toys to flip flops

# 7 I have acquaintances not friends; Friendships are too hard to really create when you have 4 kids and a husband, not to mention I am a bit strong willed and very opinionated, most cant handle that. (this one gets 2 meme's)

# 8 I am totally in LOVE with my husband; I just love him so much that my heart hurts. I love when he comes home and says “He’s happy to come home to me” and asks about my day. He is the greatest thing since slice bread to me

# 9 My 7th Wedding Anniversary is in 8 weeks and I am counting them down; I am so happy to celebrate this milestone in our marriage and cannot wait to have time with my main squeeze just to myself.

# 10 I really want my own walk in closet; I love sharing things but I really would like a space that holds all my girly things that is behind a door apart from my bedroom. I have seen so many awesome closets on Pinterest and our next house has some high standards it must meet.

# 11 I got the biggest kick out of how my sons leap frog says the planet Uranus, it says Urine-iss; come ‘on that is just great. Gotta love kids toys these days.

I hope you guys have a great Hump Day, don't forget to pop in on Kathy to read her confessions and the other ladies that linked up too. Now get on with your Wednesday!

Stay Fresh, Kristen


  1. LOVE the "friend" comment, right there with you sister!

    1. I know right, just too many issues right there!

  2. Kristen bless your heart girl!! I really cant thank you enough for actually speaking out about people who judge and they are mostly people who have never had to use these programs. Because if they had they would know its pretty strict as you mentioned above. I could go on and on but you basically summed it up right there, I am with ya %1000! Seriously! I cant believe we live in this kind of society at times.. Its help people, and no one is immune! It can happen to any one of us!! Freakin' high horse parade out there. But moving on lol I could've wrote this post myself... Acquaintances are what I have and I prefer it that way.. less drama.. less commitment.. no stories to have to sit though.. works for me. And my gosh I want a walk in closet! I have such nice things and all I want is a darn big walk in closet. Every time I see someone with one i'm like ooh damn lol. Great post! ;) xoxo


    1. Lisa, you are awesome. First, thanks for stopping by my site, and second I will totally let you just take over on #5 if you want girl, you preach it. I am so tired of the fb rants about people who use these services, so help the judger who may need one of those services some day...

  3. i'm glad you're enjoying this linkup! it's such an easy and fun way to meet new bloggers and i'm happy you're getting traffic from it.

    there's nothing wrong with gov't assistance when you need it; that's why it's there! we grew up without much but we were just above the line that we didn't qualify but if we did, i know for sure there were months that my parents could have used a little help.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

    1. Hi Kathy, I agree there have been so many times my parents could have used that shizz when I was growing up and we were above that line of what they define as I mentioned they are strict about it, however most people have no idea the regulations they have they just assume things and rant about it because of taxes.

  4. I only judge the people I actually know who are using government assistance. Haha. Not all of them. Just the ones who are taking advantage of the situation and don't really need it. There are so many people out there who would really benefit from the assistance,so I get angry when friends or family abuse it.

    1. I agree that there are certain people out there who do abuse it, but my frustration are people who complain about people who use and have never had it before or they are judging a stranger, I hear this all the time on facebook and it drives me crazy.


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