Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hump Day Confessions Round 2

Happy Hump Day Y’all!

It’s been a long hump day for me here; running errands for 2 days has about sucked the life out of me…well, I also did a bit of birthday shopping because that money was burning a hole in my pocket as usual; but let’s move onto the confessions for the day shall we?!

#1 I love fonts; there I admit it, typography is just awesome to me, I change the font on my blog all the time and I am so sorry if that annoys you, but hey it looks pretty. {Please let me know if you cannot read something in the comments and I will change it to better suit you}

#2 Unorganization, seriously why must thrift stores are so unorganized? I mean does it hurt to not put the kids’ clothes in the adult clothes, shorts with pants, and I well I won’t even start on the other messes I have seen.  

#3 Unattended Children; I am a parent of 4, if I can watch my kids at a store so can you. Let’s be real here, there is no need for you to be 2 isles over from your 3 year old son, nor should your child be under the garment racks, crawling all over the floor and in the way of other shoppers. Just sayin, check your skills y’all; it makes YOU look bad not your child. 

#4 Yelling on a cell phone in public; I do not need to hear how your having to walk home because your “guy” won’t come pick you up, or who did what last night, or even how crappy your situation is; on top of that could we please not curse around a bunch of kids in the store {not just my own}…Some things just need to be left private, catch my drift here?!

#5 Public Restrooms; does it hurt to actually hire someone who will literally clean the bathroom? Put up an automatic air freshener? Empty the trashcans? Refill the soap and towels? I mean sometimes people have to go when they are out, and don’t want to use a bathroom that is plainly a sewer disgusting!

#6 When stores don’t have correct change; the other day night, like 9pm I had went to Target, upon checking out the lady was scrounging her cash drawer for my change from the payment I had gave her, she gives me everything but a penny, and says “I hope your ok taking 73 cent because I don’t have another penny”…I obviously told her it was fine, only a penny, but in my head I am thinking you could’ve asked your manager for more money a few customers ago when you realized you were running low, but nah it’s ok, just a penny! I mean it was close time and only like 3 registers were open to begin with and there was about a million people to be checked out but seriously, you know you’re running out pennies long before you run out of them, most people use cards! I left feeling a bit like I had left Wal-Mart at the first of the month.

#7 Dog Farts; I cannot be alone on this one, if you have a dog you know what I am talking about. Why must a dog wait until you’re lying in bed all nice and warm with said dog lying beside your bed and then relieve their self? I mean I just let her outside, there’s no way she couldn’t have done that gross mess out there. Most of us get used to human farts of people around us, but there is no getting used to a dog fart…EVER!

#8 My hair; just sayin I really want a pony tail, but my hair isn’t growing fast enough for my liking…debating baldness here…

#9 The last bits of winter weather; really can you just go on vacation now Jack Frost?! I am ready for SPRING weather full time now; not this hot day then snow day…just over it!

#10 Laundry; can someone please invent something that will do the laundry for me?! I hate laundry; it never leaves with 4 little people around.

Ok, enough confessions for the day, I hope all of you had a great Hump Day this week, I am off to make us some dinner and get these little people under control.

Happy Hump Day Loves, Kristen

I’m linking up with Vodka & Soda, please check out the other ladies confessions over there! 


  1. i loathe laundry. so much so that i asked an engineer/astrophysist friend how hard it is to make a machine that not only washes your clothes but FOLDS them. he said it wouldn't be hard because {insert crazy engineer talk here} which basically translates to: the machine would have to be programmed with the folding patterns but it's totally possible. i told him to get right on it LOL

    thanks for linking up!
    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

    1. HA, now you can totally count me in on this laundry robot thing...seriously though, if he could invent this thing, he could be filthy rich...just sayin!

  2. Ha, awesome list. I also hate laundry. And when people don't watch their kids properly. I don't hesitate in parenting an abandoned child. If it's being mean, I'll say, "Knock it off."

    1. See my husband is that way, but me I just get really annoyed and talk really loudly at my kids stating "yea that kid is being mean and we dont act like that do we?" then I roll my eyes at the parent, cause well I am so nice...

  3. Hey Kristen! Omg your photo's had me cracking up! The photo of the dog is histerical hahah! I dont have a dog but could only imagine what the farting is like haha! Btw, I cannot stand when stores don't want to or ''cant'' give you that penny or nickle back. My local Chinese takeout has done that to me twice now and i'm pretty pissed. Next time that penny is coming with me. lolol! xx


    1. Glad you like the photos Lisa, I loved them too and cracked myself up, easily done. I dont get stores these days, its like we have a penny shortage or something.


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