Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Top Spring Corals For Those Peachy Cheeks...

Hello Peeps; how’s your day been? I hope really well. We have spent our afternoon adding some lighting/fan to our bedroom, and now that we've had dinner and the kids are watching some TV I have a bit to post something interesting for you guys. 

The past few days I have been loving Corals when it comes to blush. I don’t usually go for these shades because I have been a bit scared of them on my yellowy tan skin, however this past week I gave them a good try and thought I would share my favorites with you guys

# 1 Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin: These were the rave a while back and to be honest with you are a staple in my collection. I really love the texture of these blushes and the ease of use. These show up really well on me, but if you have fair skin they would work really well when it came to showing up. 
(no shimmer) View Online

# 2 Almay Smart Shade Blush in Coral: Almay has I believe 4 of these little beauties in their line, and they work really nicely. I honestly wasn’t sure how this one would show up on my skin because it looked like it would be more of a bronzing blush than a coral, however when swirled around the colors mix a bit and the shade turns out gorgeous. 
(no shimmer) View Online

# 3 Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush in Sunset: This line is one of my favorites. The color payoff is just amazing. This shade is a really pretty coral orange and has little gold shimmers in it however the shimmers aren’t over powering like some would think. I love the orangey coral of this one. 
(very light shimmer) View Online

# 4 Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Coral: This one is honestly a blush and highlighter in one; I like to use these little gems as an all in one blush. I thought this one would be dark, however surprisingly the colors blend well enough that it turns into a really nice coral shade that isn’t so in your face. (light/medium shimmer) View Online

# 5 Pixi Beauty Blush in Purest Peach: This one falls more in the orangey coral range. I really didn’t expect much from this one but out of all of the ones I have used so far this one is my favorite. It shows up just enough to give you a kissed look on those cheeks without being so in your face, I like the small compact it’s in too so much easier to store or toss in my bag for a touchup. 
(no shimmer) View Online

Have you tried any of these listed above? What do you think about wearing coral blush this Spring?

Stay Fresh, Kristen

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