Thursday, April 10, 2014

So, You Have Some Blog Beef?!

Hi ya…today I wanted to talk about something that is close to every bloggers heart, something that causes a lot of tension between bloggers, and well causes some people to just rant and rant about this topic…can you guess what it is?!
Getting Free Products for Review
I was reading a post over at Just Me Leah and felt I would share a bit about this topic as well to help clear the air a bit and add some Spring Freshness to the Winter Funk…

I want to start by sharing that I am in the stage on the blog ladder that is between a Newbie and a Middie; meaning I am no longer a newbie but I am not mid-ground either. I do have a growing set of followers, I blog a few times a week, I write well, and I try my best to reach out and interact with my followers. Here is the ladder I am talking about.

You have the NEWBIE, the MIDDIE, and the MASTER blogger…each stage has its own description, thing is you can also be a INBETWEENIE, where you have some of the NEWBIE & MIDDIE qualities in your blog or some of the MIDDIE & MASTER qualities in your blog. Each stage is a milestone in your blog, blogs don’t grow massively overnight they take time to form a following, design, and content that appeals to the reader.

I have heard a lot going around that some blog authors are upset with companies and fellow blogs because they get all this free stuff, however like Leah says in her post, things are not free by any means. There is a huge amount that has to be covered when you’re allowed to review products from companies for free. I personally cannot even begin to tell you the amount of times I have contacted companies in hopes of doing review that I got turned down for or never heard from, mainly because my blog doesn’t meet their criteria {yet}…
On this blog, you will find posts from beauty to parenting, nothing is really set in stone, I am a free willed writer meaning I write what I feel like that day. I don’t have a schedule when it comes to my blog either, some days you won’t find anything new here, why? well I am human, I have 4 kids and a handsome man to take care of…I don’t let my blog get in the way of my life.
You have to live in order to write.
Bottom line, don’t get your panties in a knot over other bloggers getting free products to review, eventually your blog will meet the criteria of said companies {trust me blogs get old, and so do faces} you just have to be patient, the more you do review from your stash the more open your blog becomes when it comes to products and companies.
Stay Fresh, Kristen

Don’t forget to stop by JustMe Leah and read her post regarding this topic!

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  1. Thanks for the mention Kristen. I love the break down image at the top, you obviously put a lot of thought into that.

    I love what you say about blogs and faces getting old. Every blog has its day and just because it's not right now, it doesn't mean it won't ever be for anyone feeling that way. All things in good time. I think as we're such a RIGHT NOW world, there's a tendency for people to want success NOW, but that doesn't seem to happen too often in blogging. I think if a person did get all the side products of success without doing the work they'd crash and burn pretty quickly. You learn your craft in the waiting. x x


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