Friday, April 18, 2014

Springtime Exfoliating Mask: Honey, Orange, & Lemon

Ahh its Friday (:  Since you really can’t see my face, I am overly cheesing, just for you. Today I have done pretty much nothing but laundry and minor cleaning, yesterday I seriously organized the kitchen and hall would think I was nesting or something {no, I'm really not preggo for those of you who are curious}...I think I caught the Spring cleaning bug. 

Anyhoo, I decided to take a small break and pamper myself since I haven't had the time to do that lately. I chose to make a homemade face exfoliating face mask with products on hand.

Here's what I used to make this baby:

^            Organic Orange Blossom Honey by Simple Truth
^            Valencia Orange Peel by McCormick
^            California Lemon Peel by McCormick 

I really liked this mask. Once applied the honey melted nicely into my skin, I wore it for 20 minutes then I gently wiped it off using warm water and a rag. As I wiped it off the orange and lemon bits exfoliated my skin which left it feeling super soft and fresh. I will say that if you have super sensitive skin I would not use this on your face. Something I would like to try next time is using the juice from a lemon and orange mixed with the honey and maybe some oats. 

What are you using for your homemade face masks this Spring?

Stay Fresh, Kristen 

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