Tuesday, April 22, 2014

YOU Have a Secret Admirer: Blog Edition

This weekend I was thinking about the amount of blogs I follow, why I follow them, and why I hope others follow my blog. I started thinking about how awesome it is to login to say Bloglovin and see that you have a notice where someone new is following you, how awesome it makes you feel, and happy you are they liked your blog enough to follow it.

There are a few things I take into consideration when I follow a blog like the design, the content, the beliefs of that person, and when they last posted. I only follow a fraction of the blogs out there considering how many people actually have a blog today.

Today I wanted to let you know that if I follow your blog, you have a secret admirer; Yep, I said it, you are admired by me! You checked off all my boxes in the search of new blogs to follow, you share amazing content, you are a wonderful writer, and I like your blog style.

It takes a lot to work on a blog, a lot of thought, a lot of photos, a lot of editing, and a lot of time to put together the best content for your readers. I am sure like most of us out there you have drafts somewhere on awaiting to be published that haven’t checked off all those boxes yet, but what you have shared reached someone out there.

So, without further ado…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such amazing content, taking time to invest into your blog design, making my days and nights go smoother, and sharing your wonderful thoughts on so many things from cooking, beauty, home, and life in general for the world to see. You ROCK!

To see a complete list of blogs I follow please visit me via BLOGLOVIN

Stay Fresh, Kristen

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