Thursday, May 29, 2014

Budget Friendly Summer Fun For The Little People{Things I'm Dying To Try With My Babes}

YAY for Thursday, its one day closer to Friday(:  Today I want to share a few things I have been really wanting to try with my little people this coming Summer; they are already out of school and so its perfect timing in my book for some great outdoor play and easy fun for everyone.

//DIY Sprinkler// Look how neat this is, its made from a empty soda bottle and all you do is screw the hose on and enjoy, how simple?! This would be really fun hanging from our back deck...

//Shadow Puppet Show// this looks really neat and would be fun for a slumber party. I would let the kids do a show for us (:

//DIY Catapolt// this my boys would love, they already try to do this with original fork but I think this would be so much better and easier to use. 

//Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder// just a simple old toilet paper toll, peanut butter, bird seed, and a branch to put it on; my kids would love doing this and seeing some birds get it...

//Backyard River// This my boys would love

//Stick People// I am not sure where these came from, found them on pinterest, but they can be made with sticks, and paint...super easy and cute!

//Moon Dough// FUN, just plain FUN!

//Can Plants// these are so cute, just wash out some cans you use for meals and plant some plants in them with your little people.

//Ball Pool// my toddler would love this...

What are you really wanting to try out with you kids this summer?


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