Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hump Day Confessions Round 7: Phone, Old Lady, & Boxes

Vodka and Soda

Happy Hump Day Y’alland in good fashion you know I am humping along with Kathy once again for some confessions (you know you like reading all the shizz on us bloggers, so join in the fun)now let’s get started!

Confession: I am in LOVE with some Spanish rice! I made THIS RECIPE on Friday and again last night. I just can’t help it, it tastes so freaking good.

Confession: I did my nails with nail appliqués on Sunday night and felt like a new woman but, they were chipping by Tuesday night; I guess that happens when you’re a momI am already having urges to start picking them, ok lets continue confessing, one is already off.

Confession: I bought some Dasani Sparkling Water in Lemon and Apple; yea stay FAR AWAY from this shizz, it’s so nasty. I ended up giving it away on Craigslist for free, I didn’t even explain that it was nasty either; I figure one less thing to deal with

Confession: I wanted to throw my flip flop at an old lady in the grocery store; I was on the isle where the tuna is and my cart was on the right, well when I went down this isle nobody was there just me, I stopped to look at something right beside a display and this old lady walked up behind me and said “could you move your cart from the middle of the isle so I can go by?” I replied “sure I am sorry I was in your way”well don’t think she didn’t pass me mumbling about how I was in the middle of the isle and my cart was in her waythank goodness she was a frail old lady and not somebody my age, still think she should know her manners though. Below is my face as she walked away(:

Confession: I have had my Note2 since December 2012 and just yesterday assigned personal ringers to my favorites so I know who is calling me, you know so I can screen my calls a bit better.

Confession: I’ve said this before but I LOVE TARGET; it’s impossible to not too really. I personally go in there to just browse around and stalk the clearance but get sucked in by all the pretty things around the store. This happens at least once a week

Confession: My mom is mailing us a box of goodies and I am just as excited as my kids are. I love packages and the ones from my mom are the best

Now that all that is off my chest I feel much better! Go on over and check out the rest of the confessions HEREKathy loves visitors! Happy Hump Day.

Stay Beautiful, Kristen


  1. ha! i'm that old cranky woman asking to move the cart but when you do, i'm cool (no grumbling over here). however, if you ignore me, i will legit ram your shit out of the way and give you the side-eye as i'm passing! hahahaha

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. The ONLY sparkling lemon water I like is Klarbrunn. Sadly they don't sell it anywhere in Texas so my parents brought me down like 2 dozen or so when they visited from MN.

  3. Now I am totally craving Spanish rice- yum!

  4. Old people are either really nice or really mean... there is noooo middle ground. Bitch needs to pump her breaks.

  5. That old lady gif has me rolling!


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