Friday, May 02, 2014

If I Were Ever Stranded, I Would Need...

Happy Friday Y’allare you ready for the weekend? I know I sure am, it’s been a long week. Yesterday while cleaning I was doing a lot of thinking about how much stuff we as humans accumulate over our life span. Obviously our interests change, we move and downsize, we do the whole Spring Cleaning thing, however even though my house is nowhere near cluttered in any way we still have a lot of stuff; So I thought of doing something fun and yet mentally challenging for you guys today, deciding what I would have to have if I were stranded on an island.

10 Items I Would Have to Have If
I Were Stranded On An Island:

# 1 My husband; he is the outdoor smarty that I am NOT and without him I would die I am sure.

# 2 My kids; first you know I cannot live without my loves, but they sure would find things to literally gross me out.

# 3 Maxi Dresses; I would want to be comfortable and yet fashionable for the fish and wildlife I assume, or maybe the planes that pass by.

# 4 My Makeup Collection; I am not trying to look like an Ork, just sayin'...

# 5 A Drawing Set; I actually love drawing, I am not as good as my mom but I do love drawing things, and I am sure if I were stranded drawing something to talk to would be interesting.

# 6 A Water Bottle; I would want something to keep clean water in, you know because being in the open having the runs is not my idea of fun.

# 7 A Blanket; I don't even know why I would want this other than for a bed.

# 8 A Hammer & Nails; you can build anything with a hammer and nails, I think a fort would do.

# 9 My toothbrush; just because cack breath is not on my favorites listthat is some gross shizz  ya know.

# 10 My flip flops; I already have a nice flip flop tan line anyways so better keep that going. 

If I had to be completely alone I would
replace # 1 and # 2 with the following:

# 1 My phone; its android and well has the internet so it would keep me busy

# 2 A small generator; gotta charge my cell phone some way

Have you ever thought about what you would have to have on a stranded Island? What would you take with you?

Stay Fresh, Kristen

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