Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love Skip Jump; Start Living The Adventure Of Yes by: Shelene Bryan {A BookLook Bloggers Review}

Have you ever thought about putting yourself aside, being selfless, and helping others around the world, whether it be right here at home or somewhere in another country? It’s a hard thought, I know, I have been there. When I held this book in my hands, I thought of tossing it aside, thinking what does this person really know about saying “Yes” to God instead of oneself, like really, most people today don’t even speak of God. However, I thought I would just give it a shot and see; well I am so happy I did.

Within this book you will in a way take an adventure you never thought you would take, through the eyes and mind of Shelene you see how God works amongst our lives and how He uses her to help others miles and miles away from her doorstep. Its an adventure within South Africa that you will never forget, you will learn so much about the author, God, and more importantly what your own limits so to speak are. By the end you will be asking yourself questions that pertain to being a selfless person, and start wondering how you can set yourself aside and go on what I will call, God’s Adventure.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review; all thoughts and opinions herein are that of my own. 
You can purchase a copy of this book HERE; and please don’t forget to check out the authors website to learn more about her journey in saying “Yes” to God, and being selfless.

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Stay Beautiful, Kristen

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