Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Summer Bucket List!

Summer is almost here you guys! Like most anyone I love summer, there is nothing more awesome than smelling fresh cut grass, garage sales, and lemonade. Today I wanted to share what’s on my bucket list for summer this year

#1 Smores; eat lots of them by a crackling fire
#2 Camp at the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, lucky enough I already live here
#3 Star Gaze; I love looking at the night sky during the summer, and living in CO we don’t have many starry nights so I love looking when I get a chance
#4 Don’t get sunburned; I usually tan well however the past few years I just burn, so my goal is to lather on that SPF
#5 Lemonade; the perfect summer drink
#6 Watch my favorite Old Movies; yep I am a fan of Grease, I even bought the sound track in middle school because I loved it so much
#7 Find junk at garage sales and turn it into something better; I love plants and need some green in my life somewhere so this is just a perfect little project for me
#8 Summer Mani Time; its time to give some color to these plain old nails and try some new things I have found on Pinterest
#9 DIY with the Main Squeeze; time to get the house in order, including the yard as best we can this year. Its also a good time to finish minor projects around the house.
#10 Stoop Time; I love nights where the main squeeze and I sit on our stoop since we no longer have a house with a porch the stoop is where our butts land on warm summer nights, we talk about all sorts of things from past, present, and future.
#11 Walking; yep gotta get into shape
#12 Walking Taco’s; I hate taco’s so this may just become a favorite of mine because its easier prep and well has great chips, you can use Doritos or Fritos to add zing.
#13 Update my fashion; yep time to pull out those summer dresses, find a summer floppy hate, get a pair of wedges, and a pair of cushioned flip flops since I am chasing after my little people.

What’s on your bucket list this summer?

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