Saturday, May 31, 2014

No Sticks Allowed: Plus Size Women To Admire

 Today I wanted to throw out some gorgeous, full figured ladies to help those of us who get consumed trying to lose weight, beat ourselves up, or just generally don't like our bodies. The world has literally became negative to ladies with curves, if your not under a 8 honey your just too big is what they think, however I know most men would rather see a woman with curves who is strong, passionate, and just glows of sexiness rather than a stick. All of these ladies below are a 14 or bigger, they are happy with how they look, content with their curves, and most of all they glow of sexiness. Have a look and love the skin your in!

Whitney Thompson

Chloe Marshall

Jennifer Maitland

Mariesther Venegas

Toccara Jones

Natalie Laughlin

Katya Zharkova

Maggie Brown
Now that you have had a look, I have some questions for you; leave your answers in the comments!

#1 What was your favorite photo above?
#2 Who is a full figure lady you strive to look like?
#3 What is your favorite part of your body and why?
#4 What would you say to young girls today about their bodies if you knew they would listen?


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