Friday, June 13, 2014

Dear Coffee Thief: an issue with free mail samples these days...

Dear Coffee Thief,
                          Good Afternoon Coffee Thief, I am glad to see you are alive and ticking today, that your day has been absolutely beautiful thanks to your morning round of precious Gourmet Coffee from Folgers; I happy you enjoyed that nice warm cup of Joe, maybe with yourself, spouse, or co-workers. 

Thing is I have an issue with you; You see I was one of those people who took time to save myself some money online by checking free samples, one of those was the amazing sample of coffee you enjoyed, Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cups, 4 of which did not end up in my mailbox today because you were to greedy to buy your own, to selfish to think of others, and must not know the law on mail thieving, which by the way is a Federal offense if you ever get caught, mainly because I know this is not your first ball game, I am sure there have been other citizens you have taken mail from and my k-cups were low on the list but hey, they mean something to me. 

You see, I am a stay at home wife of one and mama to 4 little people who are under the age of 10, I need my coffee to survive the insanity in my day, and you, you stole it without even thinking of why someone would want a sample of coffee, its not only because of my day to day life that I enjoy coffee, but its warm tasty goodness helps me stay awake when needed, get through those late nights with my toddler, and stay warm when its cold out day or night. I love coffee, I have had it since I was maybe 1...that's a thing in the south. 

You should be ashamed of yourself and I really really hope that although I know Folgers is a wonderful brand, it tasted like dirt to you and you couldn't even finish it due to your own guilt; I also hope that nobody will buy it from you since I am sure your trying to use that money for illegal things to support your secret habit. 

In the end Coffee Thief, you lose, I don't care, there will be more samples that come my way and you, you will just be small little person in my eyes, so so low. 

Happy Friday, With Love, One really mad, frustrated, wife and mama. 

And I contacted Folgers already, keeping my fingers crossed they will get me another sent out.

On a side note to all my readers, have you been missing your samples lately, not just coffee, but anything?  I feel like there are a million samples I will sign up for and then they never show, the post office needs to be a bit better at hiring and watching whom they hire...not to mention people should have a better conscience, its just plain wrong.


  1. Oh, what a meanie! Karma will get them.

  2. I have this poster hanging in my house to remind me how to treat thieves - .


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