Friday, June 27, 2014

Eco Tools Domed Bronzer Brush

Many of you I am sure where bronzer in the summer if not all year long; finding a good bronzing brush is hard these days because there are so many options from drugstore to high end retailers. As beauty products grow so do their applicators and today I want to talk about my favorite bronzing brush by Eco Tools. 

Eco Tools is a drugstore line, that is eco-friendly; they make all sorts of product brushes for hair, face, body, and even eyelashes. I have grown to love them the past 2 years for their makeup brushes, and the domed bronzing brush is by far one of my favorites because it puts just the right amount of bronzer on my cheeks to make me look sun-kissed all year long, its also a great brush to use for powder, or as a final dusting brush; its soft bristles dont scratch my face, and it keeps its shape, not to mention its a good price. You can purchase these at any mass drugstore, Ulta, or online at the Eco Tools Website for around $10. 

Have you tried any of the eco-tools products before? What is your favorite bronzing brush?

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