Friday, June 06, 2014

Emergency Room Visits & Humor

OMG you guys, I had planned to do a post for you yesterday afternoon but yea that got chucked to the back burner thanks to a door at the eye Dr; I spent the whole afternoon at the ER with my five year old little guy trying to get his hand better. Here's the scoop;

Yesterday we had appointments for the dentist and eye doctor; we got to the dentist fine, everyone checked out normal, and so we headed over the eye doctor for the girl. The kids are playing, I filled out and handed back the paperwork, we are just sitting there because we are early however nobody is even there besides us at that time so I don't get why we even waited really; anyways, my 5 yo son told me he had to go the the bathroom, I said ok, I didn't think a thing about it, he always goes alone, he is very independent these days. Well, the door to the actual bathroom was kind of large like a hospital door, Isaiah had walked out and walked along the door looking at his brother, and stopped just in time to put his little hand in the hinge side of the door, SMACK went the door shut, he couldn't get the door open, he was stretched finger to finger and he hit the door knob to open it and as he did he pulled his hand out, BAD IDEA; I'm just going to say I have never seen anything like it before and never want to see it again. I will spare you those graphic details and just share the photo with you:

Our overall experience in the ER was fine, nothing new really, we visit them every few months with one of our boys...however, here are a few things that really rubbed me the wrong way while we were there, all for your viewing humor...

//Wait to get my information// I am sorry but if I run in with blood all over me, a kid screaming, and I look like I am in just as bad shape, WAIT A FREAKING SECOND to get my information. At least get us to a room where its private and then take all our information, I know you need it but your taking up precious time and that crap can wait a minute, I mean dang the police officer let me through the medal detector without taking my bag for checking, you can wait 5-10 minutes until we calm down a bit to get info.

//SHUT THE DOOR// seriously, if you walk in, do your business, and leave, SHUT THE DOOR! My son doesn't want to be the viewing pleasure of every other person that walks by. The only person who was avid about this was the janitor lady, bless her heart she kept telling the main people to shut the door, at least she had some courtesy.

//Do NOT turn the TV on unless asked// sorry this just bugs me to death, I am one of those parents who is strict about what my kids watch on TV, although I've lightened up in the past year I still don't allow certain shows or channels, all the ones you provide are the ones I don't allow so don't get my kid sucked into them, we will watch netflix via my cell instead; I'm sure we aren't feeling like Honey Boo Boo...

//Do NOT Gossip// For Pete's sake you left my door wide open, but your standing a whole 5 feet away talking about a poor baby who came in constipated, discussing the babies feces, and the fact they need more diapers right outside my door, on top of that you are laughing at the situation, I just DO NOT want to hear...I don't think its fair to the other patients in the area nor very responsible to them, let alone the poor family of that baby, been there done that before...nobody needs to know everyone else's business.

//Offer A Supply Bag// I mean I am paying for it anyways, just put a bag together with a day/nights items to help the one who is injured, in my case gauze, creams, know the things we typically don't have on hand; its just nice to NOT have to visit Wal-Mart after leaving the hospital right away,mainly because going there is like being in the Hunger Games Scene where they do a supply drop; I need a few hours between craziness to keep my sanity. 

Overall our visit was fine, the staff was ok, and the Dr we had was awesome. I am just very picky and feel some things need to change within the healthcare system and staff...But, now you know why I didn't post anything yesterday, I plan to come back later and do another post for your viewing pleasure! Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. Ouch, that is a terrible injury. It made me wince a lot! I hope he's better soon.

    1. Yes ma'am it was an awful experience, however he is doing much better this afternoon.


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